Announcing Zoho Analytics 5.0 -- A Modern Self-service BI & Analytics Platform

Announcing Zoho Analytics 5.0 -- A Modern Self-service BI & Analytics Platform

We are extremely delighted to unveil Zoho Analytics 5.0 - A Modern Self-service BI and Analytics platform to the public. Experience analytics like never before with the following new capabilities and enhancements:

Comprehensive AI-Powered Data Preparation

You can integrate, model, clean, and enrich data from inside Zoho Analytics using our all-new and very own AI-powered advanced self-service data preparation service, Zoho DataPrep. This integration vastly improves the ETL (extract-transform-load) capabilities of Zoho Analytics. Learn more.


Explore Data with Augmented Analytics

Analytics is now becoming more and more augmented, as AI and ML technologies assist you in getting faster, better and powerful insights from your data.

With Ask Zia, no need to learn complex SQL querying. You can hold colloquial conversations with our smart AI assistant Zia, and get the answers you need as relevant reports. Zia can understand English and Spanish (in Beta). Learn more.

Zia also assists you by providing inferences on any report or dashboard. With Zia Insights, you get instant insights through smart narratives, with the click of a button. Learn more.


Reimagine Data Storytelling

You can now create immersive analytical presentations embedding reports & dashboards along with rich narrative elements into your slides. This is possible, thanks to our seamless integration with our presentation app, Zoho Show. Learn more.



Not just that, you can also easily build branded and customized analytics-specific portals within Zoho Analytics, to share reports and dashboards to your organization using our website builder, Zoho Sites. Learn more.


7 New Business App Connectors

Zoho Analytics provides easy connectors with 50+ popular business apps, that come with pre-built reports and dashboards. In 5.0, we are introducing 7 new connectors for Bigin, Zoho Sprints, Exact Online, Jira, LinkedIn Pages, ServiceNow, and WooCommerce.


Re-energized Mobile Apps

You can now, causally, converse with Zia from your mobile devices using an immersive chat-like interface and get instant insights. You can also add comments, and collaborate with your colleagues too. Learn more.

Introducing our native Zoho Analytics - Dashboards app, an immersive purpose-built app to access, explore, and get insights on the go from your business dashboards. With creative gestures and interactions, the app helps you quickly access and analyze your dashboards in Zoho Analytics and get insights on the go. Learn more.


Other than the above, Zoho Analytics 5.0 comes packed with 60+ features. Like tabbed dashboards, import templates, windowing and granularity functions, viewer mode, what-if analysis, custom forecast models, word cloud chart, charts with images, night mode, and lots more.

Join our experts and learn everything about Zoho Analytics 5.0 through a series of interactive webinars. Register now!

Also do read our What's New section to get detailed notes on the new capabilities.

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