Introducing Forms: Streamline data collection with Bigin's new form builder.

Introducing Forms: Streamline data collection with Bigin's new form builder.

Hello everyone,

Bigin's web forms just got a makeover!

We are excited to introduce Forms: an online form builder designed to meet all your data collection need. This revamp was inspired by your feedback, resulting in an upgraded and versatile version of web forms.
So, what has changed?

Forms for Pipelines and Contacts
So far Web forms in Bigin were limited to only the Contacts module which limited their scope to contact forms, registration forms, newsletter subscription forms etc. 
With this revamp, you can build forms using fields from the Pipelines, Contacts, and Companies modules. You can create records from the data collected, and add them automatically to any Team Pipeline, Contacts module, and Companies module. This makes Forms more than a tool just for contact collection. Now, it is a tool for lead generation, customer support, feedback collection, and much more.

Share forms with your customers
Web forms were limited to embedding code snippet on a website and this limited their adoption to customers with websites and a basic knowledge of coding.
With this revamp, we are introducing two additional sharing options:
  • Share as a Link - You will get a shareable URL unique to each form and you can directly share it with your customers via email or any other ways.
  • Share as a QR code - A QR code unique to each form will be generated in this method. Users can download it, print and paste it anyplace. For instance you can paste these QR codes at an event venue to simplify registrations – attendees simply has to scan the code on their device and fill it out.

And, that brings us to the name change. With these sharing options, our forms are no longer limited to just websites and that is why we have renamed them as Forms from Web Forms.
Thank you Message
With the older version, users had to redirect website visitors to a landing page after they submitted a form. Now, they have the option to display a Thank You message to customers upon form submission. 

Preview forms across devices
Switch between the Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile icons to see how the form will appear on different devices.

Mobile-friendly forms
We know our web forms were outdated and had glitches when opened in mobile browsers and with this revamp, our forms open seamlessly in mobile browsers. 
What happens to your existing web forms?
Your existing web forms will continue to work seamlessly and when you edit your existing web forms, you can use the new enhancements listed above.
Refer to our help document on Forms for detailed instructions for configuring forms for your business.
Forms Availability: Free Plan: 1 | Express Plan: 3 | Premier Plan: 5
Additional forms can be purchased as add-ons.
What's next?
We have more enhancements planned for Forms, such as support for Google reCAPTCHA, customizable form URLs, and an option to display your company logo in the form header. We don't have a release date for these enhancements to share, but rest assured our team is working hard to roll them out soon.
We also have new features and enhancements planned for Bigin. Watch this space for more information. As always, we love hearing your feedback, so please try the new form builder and let us know how it goes in the comments!
Thank you,
Bigin User Education