New Actions in Workflow rules - Schedule a Call & Add Meeting

New Actions in Workflow rules - Schedule a Call & Add Meeting

Dear All,
We've come up with some exciting updates to actions in Workflow rules. As you might know, Workflow rules help you to automate your follow-up processes without any manual intervention.
Presently, to orchestrate sales cadence, you would have to create calls and schedule meetings, manually.

In this enhancement, we are introducing two new workflow actions.
  • Add Meeting
  • Schedule a call
We have grouped these new actions, along with existing action- Add Task have been under 'Activities'  workflow action.

Add a Meeting via Workflow rule  

Let's assume, you have a bunch of new sign-ups and you want to orient them about your product. In that case, you can schedule an orientation meeting when a deal is marked as 'closed won'.

There are a few special cases we have addressed while scheduling a meeting via workflow rule

Host Unavailability

While a meeting is being scheduled for a contact or a lead, if the host of the meeting is 'unavailable', then you can set to schedule the meeting to be scheduled for the record owner or you can create a task for the host, so that the host can manually reschedule the meeting once available.

Adding a participant for the meeting

You can add the people associated with the module, users in the org., and additional users as participants for the meeting.

Adding custom fields to Meeting Quick create popup

Add more fields to your 'Meeting Quick create' popup. Under module customization -> meetings, you can add custom fields to be listed while creating a meeting. These fields, along with other mandatory fields will be listed in the meeting quick create popup.

Note that, any field added to the quick create pop-up is mandatory by default.

Schedule a call via Workflow rule

When a new lead enters your system, you may want your sales rep to follow up with the new lead to know the reason behind the lead signing up, as a part of your lead nurturing process.
The new schedule a call action will help you here. You can now schedule a call for the rep as soon as the lead is created.
In the 'schedule a call' quick create popup, you can enter the details like the purpose of the call, date and time of the call, and create the call.

That's about the update. These actions are open for all users in all DCs.

Thanks and have a good one!
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