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                                                                                          • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                          • How to get Outlook 365 <--> Bigin to sync two ways

                                                                                            Hi, I'm testing Bigin and the integration with Office 365. If I create a contact in Bigin, it shows up almost immediately in my Outlook contacts with a category "Bigin Contacts - [org ID]." However, it's not working in the other direction. When I add
                                                                                          • Convert an Email into a Deal (Pipeline card)

                                                                                            Hello, I open a Company panel and I access "Emails" tab. This company sent me an email, and I want to create a Deal from this email. How could I do ? Thank you. Joffrey
                                                                                          • Relate contact to deal via Rest API

                                                                                            Hi everybody, Someone know witch is the best way to relate contact with deal in Bigin via API? I tried method explained in documentation but system return the following error: DOC reference: https://www.bigin.com/developer/docs/apis/update-related-records.html
                                                                                          • Team adding

                                                                                            How can i add my team?
                                                                                          • Facebook Lead/Messenger Lead to Bigin directly

                                                                                            Hi, We sell more on Facebook messenger, inquiries, and order confirmations at the moment. Can we directly import or integrate Facebook Messenger Lead information to Bigin directly? What are the ways to get lead information directly to Bigin? Thanks,
                                                                                          • Sticky Posts

                                                                                          • Announcing #BiginnersClub meetups in India, Middle East & Africa, and UK

                                                                                            Yes, you heard it right! #BiginnersClub meetups are back. Whether you're a long-time customer looking to learn more about Bigin, or a new customer trying to explore Bigin, our in-person meetup is definitely the right place to get a deeper understanding
                                                                                          • [Early Access] Introducing Connected Pipelines for seamless transition of information between Pipelines

                                                                                            Hello Everyone! Recently we've rolled out early access for Team Pipelines - Bigin's next major leap to transform and unify customer operations for small businesses. One constant feedback we've received from our early adopters is that once a record reaches
                                                                                          • Introducing APIs for Bigin

                                                                                            Dear customers,   I hope you all are doing good. It's been quite a journey since we launched Bigin publicly, and we are pleased to see all your responses so far. Today, we are excited to launch our APIs, making Bigin even more extensible. With the launch
                                                                                          • Schedule mass emails, view mass emails status and more!

                                                                                            Hello everyone, Mass emails help you communicate with multiple customers in a couple of clicks. We have introduced a Mass Emails dashboard in Bigin so that users can see the status of the mass emails like how many emails were opened, clicked and bounced.
                                                                                          • Ask the Experts #1: 5-hour knowledge exchange marathon on Bigin

                                                                                            Hello, Bigin Community! We are excited to welcome you all to our first ever "Ask the Experts" session for Bigin. Ask the experts (ATE) sessions allow users to interact with our Product Management and Development team - the actual brains behind the product.