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    • Introducing the Integration of Zoho CRM and Bigin for a two-way data sync

      Often times, your sales reps may not need a robust CRM and access to big functionalities. All they need is a simple application to keep track of the follow-ups activities, update details on deals and contacts, jot down notes and more like that. All the while you do want your business running on CRM and keep your data up-to-date for other processes to work efficiently. To get this working, Bigin has a new functionality today - the integration with Zoho CRM. With this integration, you can synchronize
    • Enhancements in Bigin

      Hello everyone,   We have released a bunch of enhancements this month. Here is a small introduction to each of them.   Increase in maximum record count for Express edition  The maximum number of records that can be added to the Express edition has been increased from 25,000 to 50,000. This limit is also applicable for the Zoho One users.   Refer to the feature availability page for more information. Integration with Zoho Meeting Bigin can now be integrated with Zoho Meeting. You can conduct virtual
    • Bigin's apps for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura are here!

      Hello everyone!   Here's more good news following our earlier iOS 16 announcement. Bigin's latest versions for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura are out in App Stores now.   Let's take a look at what's new!   External display support A second screen can be
    • Large screen support and new enhancements in the latest version of Bigin Android mobile app

      Hello All, In the latest version of Bigin Android app(v1.5.0), we have brought in the below enhancements:  Large Screen Support   Orientation and Split Screen view support for tablets Scribble support     Drag and drop support   Save to Download We have
    • We heard you. You can now associate multiple contacts to a deal!

      A deal often involves multiple decision makers. Let's assume Zylker furniture is using Bigin to manage their sales pipeline. They are approached by a firm that wants to purchase some furniture. However, employees at different departments in the firm must

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                                                                              • Cant find Check-in feature

                                                                                Hi There I am trying to find how to use the Check-in feature of Bigin.  My company are trialing it and so far its not too bad, a little unpolished but promising.  Can someone please explain how do I checkin when at an event? Ross.
                                                                              • how to connect whatsapp to bigin?

                                                                                How to connect whatsapp with bigin?
                                                                              • Biginb or CRM for Solo Business

                                                                                Hi! I have just started using Zoho One and want to try and integrate my businesses all into one system. At the moment it is just me and I have several sub-micro busiensses. At the moment it works just by categorising in Books and Inventory, as I want
                                                                              • Syncing/Copying Data from Different Modules

                                                                                Hi, I am trying to automatically copy data from one field in one module(Deals) to copy that same text to another field in another module(Companies) i.e.  At the end of the deal process, user needs to add the account number as a final action. Once added,
                                                                              • Sticky Posts

                                                                              • Introducing APIs for Bigin

                                                                                Dear customers,   I hope you all are doing good. It's been quite a journey since we launched Bigin publicly, and we are pleased to see all your responses so far. Today, we are excited to launch our APIs, making Bigin even more extensible. With the launch
                                                                              • Schedule mass emails, view mass emails status and more!

                                                                                Hello everyone,   Mass emails help you communicate with multiple customers in a couple of clicks. We have introduced a Mass Emails dashboard in Bigin so that users can see the status of the mass emails like how many emails were opened, clicked and bounced.
                                                                              • Ask the Experts #1: 5-hour knowledge exchange marathon on Bigin

                                                                                Hello, Bigin Community! We are excited to welcome you all to our first ever "Ask the Experts" session for Bigin. Ask the experts (ATE) sessions allow users to interact with our Product Management and Development team - the actual brains behind the product.