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                • Option to import and export contacts is now supported in the Bigin iOS app

                  Hi everyone,   In the latest version (v1.3.1) of the Bigin iOS app, you can now import and export contacts with a click of a button. This feature will help you to save time and eliminate the process of entering the contacts information manually.   This
                • Upcoming new updates in Bigin - Now up for early access!

                  Hello everyone, We are excited to announce our first set of enhancements in Bigin for this year. Since our public launch, our focus has always been to make Bigin more usable and practical to our small business customers. Keeping this in mind, we've been
                • Import tasks, send emails from the native apps and more

                  Hello everyone, I am back with our next set of release items. Here's a brief introduction to each of them. Import Tasks You can now import tasks in to your Bigin account and associate them to Companies, Contacts and Deals . Before importing Tasks, ensure
                • Related Email section is now available in the Bigin iOS app

                  Hello All,   In the latest version (v1.3.0) of the Bigin iOS app,  we have brought in support to access the emails related to a record from within the app. You can now view the related email section within Contacts, Companies and Deals module records.
                • Welcome to the Bigin Community

                  Hello everyone,  We are happy to welcome you to our community. Let us help you get started by understanding what Bigin is and how this community can be beneficial for all of us.  What is Bigin? Bigin is a customer pipeline management application that helps you organize and track business activities with your customers as they move through the different stages of your business process. Sales, customer onboarding, and qualifying leads all make up the stages of your pipeline in Bigin. Bigin acts as

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                                                                                • Most Discussed Topics

                                                                                • Mass Emails in BIGIN - BCC rather than TO?

                                                                                  When I choose multiple contacts and try to send mass emails, each contact's email shows up in the "To" field. I do not want my contacts to see each other's emails. Is there any way to put these email addresses in a BCC field instead? Or not show the list
                                                                                • Importing From Linkedin

                                                                                  Is their a document or KB that shows how to import my contact from linkedin to Bigin ? Jay
                                                                                • Problem sending POST request

                                                                                  I'm using a desktop REST client to send a request but I keep getting: { "code": "INVALID_TOKEN", "details": {}, "message": "invalid oauth token", "status": "error" } I'm sending an Authorization header as follows: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.54c1a8cbb00d2a0ed98350eed6.06b7f99a96ee9079291a2b5bea
                                                                                • MailChimp & Bigin Integration doesnt work for 2nd Audience

                                                                                  We are trying to migrate from MailChimp to Zoho Campaign, for this we are trying to sync all contacts from MailChimp to Zoho Campaigns via Zoho Bigin. The 1st sync got configured, but 2nd & 3rd Sync is not getting setup.  Once I click on the activate
                                                                                • How long you take to answer a ticket for bigin support? Too slow

                                                                                  Hello  We have created a ticket but i dont know how long guys you take to answer?. You take too long. Usually supports replies within 24 hours but with you is horrible.  When i emailed to bigin support i dont even get a ticket number. The ticket was created
                                                                                • Sticky Posts

                                                                                • Ask the Experts #1: 5-hour knowledge exchange marathon on Bigin

                                                                                  Hello, Bigin Community! We are excited to welcome you all to our first ever "Ask the Experts" session for Bigin. Ask the experts (ATE) sessions allow users to interact with our Product Management and Development team - the actual brains behind the product.
                                                                                • Introducing APIs for Bigin

                                                                                  Dear customers,   I hope you all are doing good. It's been quite a journey since we launched Bigin publicly, and we are pleased to see all your responses so far. Today, we are excited to launch our APIs, making Bigin even more extensible. With the launch