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              • Tip#52: Notify users via email when a card is assigned

                To remind individuals of significant events, it's always better to send a notification. With Qntrl, you can send email notifications when a card is assigned to a person, role, or team.   When designing the Blueprint, you can choose a transition and set
              • Tip#70: Update the ownership of the card dynamically via Business Rules

                Businesses which include multiple products will involve multiple teams based on the product chosen. The ownership of the cards needs to be updated based on the product chosen. In such cases, manually updating the ownership can be difficult. With Business
              • Qntrl Product Updates | Q1, 2023

                Dear users, We had some exciting feature updates released for this quarter while we are also working on revamping the product that will have quite a few new features and enhancements. The product revamp is currently in progress and we hope to release
              • Tip#69: Customize Due Dates and Trigger Email Notifications

                The growth of an organization depends more on gaining the trust of its customers. The first step in establishing confidence is when consumers receive their finished product within the promised timeframe. When employees are assigned to multiple tasks and
              • Audio player is now supported in the latest version of the Qntrl Android app.

                Hello, In the the latest version of the Qntrl Android app (v2.0.18) we have brought in support for audio player. Now you can seamlessly enjoy total control over the playback of voice notes and other audio files from within the mobile app. Audio player

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                                                                                • Tip #61: 5 different ways to create Cards in Qntrl

                                                                                  Qntrl supports an array of features that covers everything required for business orchestration, from process automation to business advancement. Cards, being the elemental feature of Qntrl, record all the details of a particular task from the beginning
                                                                                • Orchestly is now Qntrl

                                                                                  We are excited to let you know that Orchestly now comes with a brand-new name—Qntrl and a bunch of futuristic features to help you upscale your enterprise.   Qntrl is a workflow orchestration platform to design, automate, and analyze all your business
                                                                                • A walk through Orchestly's 2020

                                                                                  Among the numerous technologies that stood resilient during this pandemic, cloud and automation make it to the top spots. Orchestly, being a cloud-based automation software, has been able to support customers to adapt the changes quickly, ensuring efficiency
                                                                                • Tip #21: Increase user engagement using dynamic email content and attachments in Orchestly

                                                                                  Businesses often send out bulk emails like weekly newsletters, monthly event updates, promotional emails, surveys, beta access emails, product reviews, seasonal greetings, and so on. Even as the gist of these emails remain constant for all recipients, personalizations capture the audience’s attention and help brands connect with them.   Orchestly’s email templates allows you to draft and send dynamic emails with personalized content and attachments to internal and external users. Email templates
                                                                                • Tip #17: Stay informed of significant business impact using Orchestly

                                                                                  With remote working becoming the new norm, leaders across sectors need to stay updated of their business performance in the market to aid business decisions. Instead of awaiting virtual meetings from sales and finance heads to put forth the business status, organization leaders can themselves dig into the system to keep an eye on their revenue generating customers or set up notifications to monitor major updates.   Orchestly recognizes such requirements and provides adaptable solutions for all business

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