2 fields are not updating while creating project from crm into projects

2 fields are not updating while creating project from crm into projects


I am trying to get api names of custom fields in zoho projects as i have added 2 custom fields.

one is lookup field and other is single line field.

so, from crm using invoke url i get the api names of zoho projects api names of that fields ; but still those fields are not updating.

so, i was trying to update 3 fields; but only one field is updating.

Let me share code as well as info of the invokeurl of the projects.

the use case - get 3 fields from deals module and create project with these fields

deals_record = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Deals",deal_id);
Deal_Name = deals_record.get("Deal_Name");
// info Deal_Name;
Concerned_Service_Interest_area = deals_record.get("Concerned_Service_Interest_area");
info Concerned_Service_Interest_area;
Partner = deals_record.get("Partner").get("name");
//info "Partner" + Partner;
PortalName = "insta24dotcom";
mp = Map();
mp.put("Partner Name",Partner);
//info mp;
response = zoho.projects.createProject(PortalName,mp,"crm_zoho");
info response;

and using below i was trying to get api names of projects

// updateprojects = invokeurl
// [
//  type :GET
//  connection:"crm_zoho"
// ];
// info updateprojects;

and this info of updateprojects as below

  "projects": [
      "is_strict": "no",
      "project_percent": "0",
      "role": "admin",
      "bug_count": {
        "closed": 0,
        "open": 0
      "IS_BUG_ENABLED": true,
      "owner_id": "775289695",
      "bug_client_permission": "allexternal",
      "taskbug_prefix": "TI7",
      "link": {
        "activity": {
        "document": {
        "forum": {
        "timesheet": {
        "task": {
        "folder": {
        "milestone": {
        "bug": {
        "self": {
        "tasklist": {
        "event": {
        "user": {
        "status": {
      "created_by_zpuid": 1742580000000109001,
      "custom_status_id": "1742580000000020089",
      "milestone_count": {
        "closed": "0",
        "open": "0"
      "updated_date_long": 1653487276219,
      "show_project_overview": true,
      "task_count": {
        "closed": 0,
        "open": 0
      "updated_date_format": "05-25-2022 07:31:16 PM",
      "custom_status_name": "Active",
      "owner_zpuid": "1742580000000109001",
      "is_client_assign_bug": "false",
      "bug_defaultview": "6",
      "billing_status": "Billable",
      "id": 1742580000000176005,
      "key": "IN-18",
      "is_chat_enabled": true,
      "is_sprints_project": false,
      "custom_status_color": "#2cc8ba",
      "owner_name": "Avinash Kumar",
      "created_date_long": 1653487042453,
      "custom_fields": [
          "Category": "Network Services"
          "Partner Name": "Partner Name"
      "created_by": "Avinash Kumar",
      "created_date_format": "05-25-2022 07:27:22 PM",
      "profile_id": 1742580000000035344,
      "enabled_tabs": [
      "name": "test Insta fixed_var",
      "updated_by": "Avinash Kumar",
      "is_public": "no",
      "id_string": "1742580000000176005",
      "updated_by_id": "775289695",
      "created_date": "05-25-2022",
      "created_by_id": "775289695",
      "updated_date": "05-25-2022",
      "updated_by_zpuid": 1742580000000109001,
      "bug_prefix": "TI7-I",
      "cascade_setting": {
        "date": false,
        "logHours": false,
        "plan": true,
        "percentage": false,
        "workHours": false
      "layout_details": {
        "task": {
          "name": "Standard Layout",
          "id": "1742580000000016011"
        "bug": {
          "name": "Standard Layout",
          "id": "1742580000000035033"
        "project": {
          "name": "Standard Layout",
          "id": "1742580000000020008"
      "status": "active"

fields which are not updating - Category,  and   Partner Name
as you can see these are under custom fields.

Let me know if you need other details. 

Thanks and Regards,
Sidhant A.

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