2021 Recruit's improvements

2021 Recruit's improvements


Happy New Year and all the best for you all.

I come to you with a list of things I would love to see coming on Zoho Recruit in a close future. Feedbacks of other users interest me too.

First of all, I have to say to me Recruit has almost all the features I can expect, minus a few of them (better Linkedin integration for example), but for the most part I think it's more about an improvement of the existing features I need than creating new ones.

1) Kanban view : I know it is currently in progress, and that one of the features I miss the most

2) Resume extractor : I have downloaded it but I do not use it... I use Linkmatch and that's a shame because I think you are not far from offering the same service.
But it currently misses 2 things: 
- an icon to indicate if this candidate is already in my database (based on the name, email address or whatever)
- auto-selection of the data, and not "click and select", for parsing a profile.

3) Delayed email sending: like with Zoho CRM, it would be fantastic to be able to send an email to a single person (not mass emailing) right away, AND later at a specific time and date we decide (clock icon).

4) Fewer clicks' actions
I know you won't change all Recruit's product for me but I think we can save time on some actions. I took a simple example but there are many more
On a candidate page, if you want to upload a file from your desktop, you browse your files, select the one(s) you want, validate, and then here is the page where you land.


You can add other files if you'd like, validate at the bottom, and then you have another window asking you what type of files they are (resume, motivation letter, and so on...)

Why not asking directly what kind of documents they are, on the previous window?

I guess you think, all right, you've saved two seconds, youhouuuuuh.

Indeed, but as we repeat over and over the same tasks during a day, let say for 50 profiles treated in our database, we save each time 2 seconds thanks to a quicker process, it represents around 7 hours per year.
And a full day of work, costs a lot to a company, more than an Individual Zoho licence.

So that would be the "small things" I would love to see coming on Zoho soon. Please help us saving much more time with less clicks.

Have a nice day.


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