5 tips for introverts to become the best salespersons and earn hefty commissions

5 tips for introverts to become the best salespersons and earn hefty commissions

Are you an extrovert? Then, don't read further. These are some secret tips for introverts who want to sell big.
Yeah, I know that there are tons of books and sales trainers who tell that anybody can sell. However if you are an introvert like me, you know that it is not as easy as in the books. I was in sales earlier. I did not do well. Later on, I thought a lot about sales and came up with general guidelines for introverts to sell big.  Have shared them with a few friends in sales and it seems to have worked well for them. So, sharing it here in the hope that it'll help some of you.

Pick your product carefullyThis is the number one rule. Introverts are the most effective when they are passionate. So, never pick a product to sell if you are not passionate about it. And, if you are, then you are a force. You will try to know the product like how you know yourself. And boom! Those vocal cords which were disabled until then, will bounce up like a spring. Ask yourself if this is not true. Didn't you make a dozen of your friends buy the ticket for Mullholland Drive?   

Opt for high value sales or those with longer sales cycleIntroverts think, research, and double check, before they do anything. Now, if an introvert tries to sell a kilogram of orange on a crowded street... well, God save that salesman! Don't do that. Your strength is not in using the loudspeaker, but in speaking directly into the ears of prospects. And, in high value sales, or in sales that have a longer cycle, that is exactly what you get- a few careful ears. Observe, follow, understand, process, listen - all those things that you are naturally good at, and form the perfect words that need to go into each of those ears. There, you go!. You have the deal. Often, the client won't think that you sold them something.They will think that you saved them from a disaster or a major problem. And right there is your next big deal in the making from the same customer!

You now have a product that you not only love but also of high value.
Next...the biggest hurdle!

Handle objections : Extroverts, if they are not great salespersons, have a natural way to talk incessantly and make the customers forget about the objection. How does an introvert react to an objection? Tough one, that!
So, this is the step you need to be very watchful of. You can save yourself only by extensive rehearsals. Practice pitching to all your friends and colleagues. Listen to how they object, what they object to. Form clear answers, make a flow chart of how to handle questions and the sub-questions. Try that with the same people. Make your objection handling flowchart without loopholes. Don't underestimate this step, you introvert! Your commission is at stake here. 

Think on your feetIt's possible that despite all your preparations, you fail to foresee an objection. This is again one of those critical steps where you might lose out on a sale. Thinking on the feet is a skill that can be learned. I used to wonder how people do that and assumed that extroverts are naturally gifted when it came to quick thinking. However, that is not the case. You can learn this skill albeit with some habitual changes. When faced with a problem, imagine a solution instead of worrying about the problem. I did not get this right initially. Over time, I kept telling myself to 'Isolate' a problem and discover ways to tackle. That helped me cut out the worry part and gave me a moment to shift my thinking towards finding solutions. Unexpected objections throw you off the track. Pause, Isolate, and think about a solution. Another way is to observe how another sales person does it better. Mimic that. Ask them what their thought process was. In general, what I have figured is that by shifting your focus on solutions over a few years, you realize that thinking on the feet is just providing a solution. It is nothing more than a 'mind reset'.

QualifyIf you have followed the above steps diligently (and as introverts ,we do), the next logical step is to qualify the lead. This is a tactical step and here, fortunately, introverts are at an advantage. You did all the steps right, handled every objection, and now the ball is in the customer's court. Many salespersons do not know when to quit or exit a follow-up. Lots of valuable prospecting time is lost in this step. Ask yourself: Did I provide the best solution? Is there something more I can do? Bring out the crucial analytical skills here: Is there an unseen objection that you are sensing? If yes, trust your instinct and chase the next client

To summarize, introverts need to focus, cherry-pick their leads, and hit it with all they have got. They can sell more and continue to talk less :-) All the best!

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