A few Issues when using "Pay Bill via Check"

A few Issues when using "Pay Bill via Check"

We have quite a bit of issues with how paying for Bills via Check works. Would love some feedback from the Zoho team in case we are doing something incorrectly.
1. When we go from a vendor and select "Pay Bill via Check" option, we see ALL the outstanding Bills for the Vendor. Is there any way that we can filter these by due dates? We only want to see the Bills that are due last month (or this month). The way it is now, we have to go through dozens of Bills to figure out which ones are due in the past and should be included in the payment and which ones should not. This is way too manual for an accounting software.

2. We can only include 10 Bills at a time on a payment. Why can't there be more? This seems like a bizarre limitation. We often have vendors with 20-50 bills for a month. We want all of those to be included on a check, not just 10.

3. When we selectively choose the "pay in full" option for a few of the Bills, but not for all of the Bills, the "Amount" field at the very top does NOT automatically update to include the cumulative amounts of all the individual Bills/Amounts selected. Why? We have to use a calculator to add up all of the individual Bills amounts to get the sum and then manually input that into the "Amount" field. This field should be auto-calculated from the sum of the selected Bills.

4. Lastly, we have Filters that we built into the "Bills" section of Zoho Books. A lot of them are very specific like "Bills Due Last Month for XYZ Vendor." When we go into that filter and see all the Bills, we select all the Bills, and would like the option to "Pay Bill via Check" for the selected Bills (in bulk). Why do we have to go to the vendor and then select to use "Pay Bill via Check" where we are then shown every Bill in the system for that vendor and can't even apply filters to those.

Zoho Books team, please do not overlook these requests. Many accounting software companies have made it really easy to handle the requests above, but it seems that Zoho Books has some limitations that really impact our ability to execute things without errors since so much of it has to be manual.

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