Add training features to Answer Bot (similar to Dialogflow)

Add training features to Answer Bot (similar to Dialogflow)

I am a Dialogflow consultant and I get requests from people asking if there is a way to add a chatbot to their website without using sending their data over to the big cloud providers. I wanted to recommend the Answer Bot, but I noticed a major issue which prevents me from giving it an enthusiastic recommendation at the moment.

In Dialogflow, there is a feature called "Training", which allows you to see all the questions your bot has answered and either reassign them to the correct intent, or generate an entirely new intent based on it. Most of the other chatbot frameworks also have a similar feature.

The unanswered questions (UAQ) feature in Zoho AnswerBot only takes you half-way.

There are some questions which ARE answered by the Answer Bot, but incorrectly. We need to inspect this list of questions and reassign them to the correct FAQ.

The FAQ list view provides stats about how often an FAQ was used, but doesn't show the actual question which was asked by the user. Not having access to the actual "answered questions" means two things happen:

- Incorrect responses cannot be fixed because the bot admin has no way to know if it happens
- The stats presented below the FAQs (how many times an FAQ was used in the bot response) become misleading and ultimately not very useful at all

Please add a feature to

a) show each question which got mapped to a specific FAQ
b) provide an option to turn that question into a UAQ (so we can reassign or create new FAQ)

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