Adding a new project with Template, the end date does not reflect.

Adding a new project with Template, the end date does not reflect.

Using the API {POST  /portal/[PORTALID]/projects/} it all works perfectly. Once howevery a template ID is introduced, suddenly the end_date is not reflective in ZOHO projects. There are no errors returned and it works perfectly besides the end date not be visible.

This problem is only for the end_date parameter and not the start date. 

Please see the attached code.

def new_project(**kwargs):
headers = {
'Authorization': 'Zoho-oauthtoken '+access_token
portal_name = "XXXXXX"
url = f'{portal_name}/projects/'
params = {
template_id = "TEST",
UDF_USER1 = "xxxx" ,
start_date = "04-01-2021",
end_date = "05-01-2021"
response =, params=params, headers=headers)
if response is not None:
if response.status_code < 400:
return response.json()
raise Exception(response)
print("we got no response")

The above code was modified for this example. But its shows that the format is the same for both dates one month apart in MM-DD-YY .  

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