Adding calls as a channel in Voice of the Customer

Adding calls as a channel in Voice of the Customer

Dear All, 

We hope you're well!

It's been almost a year since we opened Zoho CRM's Voice of the Customer solution up for early access. We are grateful for the reception and support you have been showing us with regards to its adoption and feedback. Since the big release, we have been developing more customer-forward features to go with it: the latest one being Voice-based forecast analysis. You can find the help documents here: Voice of the Customer.

Now, to expand the scope of VoC for your business, we have developed the ability to use calls as a source.

Calls as a source

Calls are undoubtedly the common mode of communication in every businesses. On a busy day, calls act as an on-demand recourse to follow-up your leads, clarify doubts, fix problems, and so on and are a potential source to reveal candid customer expressions. Realizing this, we are bringing insights derived from call correspondences in your organization, in addition to the existing sources: Zoho Desk, Zoho Survey, and emails. 

How will this addition benefit you?

The benefits of adding calls as a source are two-fold.

  1. Dashboards that display insights from existing sources will now carry insights from calls as well. This broadens your scope of understanding your customers' opinions and feedback on your business.  
    The dashboards that will have call insights are:

    Response-based sentiment analysis
    The response-based sentiment analysis provides you with intel about common sentiments observed in your customer responses across mediums. The following charts in this dashboard portrays insights from calls as well for greater accuracy in the analysis of sentiments in the responses. To learn more about this dashboard, click here.
  • All keywords tabular view: The below image tabulates the keywords used by your customers in different mediums and their sentiments. As you can see, "Efficient", with positive connotation, is a keyword ranked top with highest usage across all available mediums. At the same time, you can see another keyword with negative undertone, "Slowness", is also being used across different mediums. With calls now being an added channel, implies the gravity of these keywords' sentiments.

  • Sentiment vs medium: The sentiment vs medium chart is a simple bar diagram comparing different sentiments expressed across different channels. You can ascertain which feedback from which medium has more intensity to it. For example, the below image suggests that customers are more positive through calls than they are in the emails. This means, when there is a critical situation, such as an escalation, calls are the best mode to approach customers and explains that one-to-one verbal communication helps settle a fix.

Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis shows the reality of your customers' perception. It will help you tailor a favorable workaround to approach your prospects and customers and win the deal. The following chart shows the keyword mentions used with respect to the competitors and the underlying sentiments from different mediums, including calls. For more information about competitor analysis, click here.

All keywords related to competitor mention tabular view:
The service offering is positively regarded for certain competitors. There are consistent mentions about them in different channels, including calls.

2. A dedicated dashboard for call analytics: A call between your business and your customer contains valuable subjective cues, such as their expectations, interests, sentiments, issues, and more. This dedicated call analytics dashboard will display two charts that will collate frequently used keywords by your agents and your customers through which you can get a quick peek into what is being discussed in your business.

Let's learn more!

Call Analytics dashboard

The call analytics dashboard deals purely with call correspondences in your organization. It displays the following charts:
  • Frequently spoken keywords by agents
  • Frequently spoken keywords by customers 
Cue:  More call-based insights are under development and you will hear about them in the coming days.

How are keywords aggregated?

Using the most recent call transcription features, Zia will be able to facilitate transcription of your recorded calls to text. Using its simple text analysis, Zia will be able to identify who is the customer and who is the agent, and aggregate the top 30 key words used by both your agents and customers.
Here's an illustration as to how Zia works on the call transcription text:

Using call intelligence, Zia can collate keywords to come up with a useful call analytics dashboard.

  • Calls will be the default source/channel for this dashboard, and you cannot change it.
  • This dashboard is only available for Leads and Contacts modules.
  • In order to use this dashboard, you need the following facilities enabled:

Managing call analytics dashboard:

You can do the following actions to manage the call analytics dashboard:
  1. Configure dashboard
    • Choose which module, you want the call analytics to be displayed for.
    • Choose the desired data type
    • Choose the time frame
    • Choose the grouping
    • Enter the keyword preferences

  2. Reorder the charts

  3. Alter the sentiment preferences for individual charts

Availability: The enhancement will be available for users subscribed to the early access program in the EU, US, and IN DCs.
Resource: Help document

That's all for today's announcement. We hope this new addition will help you get closer to your customer opinions and help you act upon them. Should you have any feedback/questions/doubts, feel free to drop them in the comments section, our experts will be happy to take them.

Thanks and have a good one!

Kind regards,
Saranya Balasubramanian

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