Agents module gets a new-look and multiple options to customize the layout and fields

Agents module gets a new-look and multiple options to customize the layout and fields

Hello everyone,
The Agents module in Desk is made more functional and user-friendly with our recent set of updates. We are now providing:
  • More intuitive and engaging user interface
  • Facility to customize the module by adding custom fields.
  • Ability to validate fields.
  • Use layout rules to have better control over data.
  • Use field permissions as per requirement.
  • Allow field dependency.
Let us take a look at these changes in detail.

1. Agents module will now be listed under layouts.

2. Custom fields and sections can be added to the Agents layout as required. Field properties can be edited to make a field mandatory, set permission, remove fields etc. 

3. The UI for agents creation and editing is modified.

4. Fields can be validated to allow the right data to enter the system.
For example, if the phone number field has invalid data, the agent is restricted from saving the record. Read more about validation rule. 

5. Show or hide fields and sections depending on the data entered in a field.
For example, if the issue is "product replacement', then a section with relevant fields such as "purchase date", "serial number", "product code" etc. can be shown. Read more about layout rules.

6. Use field dependency to show the related fields.
For example, when a country is filled show the state or when a department is filled the sub department should be filled too. Read more about map dependency.

7. Set field permissions to guard sensitive data or prevent inadvertent edits. Also, with field permissions unnecessary fields can be hidden to ensure a clutter  free layout. Read more about field permissions.

These updates are released and available for all users. Refer to the help doc to learn more about working with custom fields. 

Kindly try them and share your thoughts with us.
Anumita Gupta

      Zoho Marketing Automation
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