All about Users in Zoho Projects

All about Users in Zoho Projects

To form a functional team, businesses should define different types of users in their team. Businesses can be effectively managed by inviting users to various roles. And, the person who has the administration privileges can invite or add users to various roles in the project.

Two types of users

Before going into the steps to add users to your portal or project, let's understand the different types of users: 

  • Portal Users - Users who work for the projects in your team.
                     ~ Portal level users - Users who work across projects.
                     ~ Project level users - Users who work for particular projects.

  • Client users - External users your team works for.

                    Portal level client users - Users who are in your portal. 
                    Project level client users - Users who are assigned to particular projects in the portal. 

     For instance

    John works for an advertising agency. He creates a portal ‘Picture Makers’, adds various projects, and invites users to his portal. The team produces ad films and promotions for an event management company ‘Eventz Corner’ owned by Angel. Now, John adds Angel as the Client user and ‘Eventz Corner’ as the Client Company to his portal.

    Customize tabs 

    You can customize the tabs across the projects in your portal for both the project users and client users. Click here to know how you can switch on/off the tabs to enable or disable the visibility of tabs to both the project and client users.


    • Portal level client users can view only the milestones, task lists, and bugs that are flagged as external across all the projects.
    • Project level client users can view only the milestone, task lists, and bugs that are flagged as external in that particular project.
    • If you disable the milestone, tasks, and bugs tabs for the client users, it will not be visible to them even if they are flagged as external.

    • Client users cannot add users to the project and they can't perform activities without your knowledge.

    Four predefined user roles

    While adding the user to your portal or project, assign the user to a proper role. Privileges for the users are based on their roles. In Zoho Projects, we've four different user roles:

    • Portal owner / Admin - User who creates the portal becomes the portal owner or the admin of the portal. They can access all the projects in the portal and manage all the activities across projects in the portal.
    • Manager - Every project has a manager who manages that particular project in the portal. They will be part of the portal but can access only the project for which they are added as the manager. They can add users to their project and assign roles for them.
    • Employee - Users who are added to particular projects. Either the portal owner/admin or the manager can add users to particular projects in the portal. They can only work on their own tasks.
    • Contractor - Users who are added either by the portal owner/admin or the manager for their own projects. They will be part of that particular project and can work only on their own tasks for a particular period of time.
    Well, you're clear with the different types of users and roles in Zoho Projects. Get to know:

    Import users

    Zoho Projects lets you import users from CRM, Mail Suite, and Google Apps. You can save a lot of time and effort in adding the users to your portal or project. Say, if there are 100 users in CRM and you need to add them to your Zoho Projects portal. You can just import users and assign roles to them. And, your import gets done in seconds. Get to know:

    Start adding users, assign them to different roles, engage with your team, and get your work done in no time. If you've any queries related to adding users to your portal or project, email


    Monica. R

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