Announcing Zoho Sign Credits - a revamp of our add-on pricing

Announcing Zoho Sign Credits - a revamp of our add-on pricing


We are pleased to announce a revamp of the existing add-on structure and pricing in Zoho Sign. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing Zoho Sign Credits, a common add-on which will apply across features and integrations that incur additional cost via purchase of add-ons. Zoho Sign Credits will replace our existing add-ons - the API credits and the SMS credits, which will be discontinued - to establish a standardized credit consumption system. This will, however, not effect any change in pricing or cost. 

We recently announced that we will soon allow signers to sign documents via third-party digital signature providers and add digital timestamps from timestamping authorities (TSA) to documents. These features require integrating with the services provided by various regional Certificate Authorities (CA) and using the digital certificates issued by them to sign and seal documents. There is a cost paid to the vendors facilitating such processes and these features will, therefore, consume Zoho Sign Credits upon introduction to cover the additional cost incurred. More information will be made available shortly before the release of these features.

We believe that this revamp will make it easier for organizations to determine their add-on requirements and the associated cost at the time of purchasing licenses or renewing their subscriptions. It also paves the way for us to implement more features that are serviced by third-parties and incur additional cost without changing our pricing structure again.

What are Zoho Sign Credits and what will they be used for?
The Zoho Sign Credit is a prepaid add-on that will require additional purchase on top of the subscription cost of the Zoho Sign general licensing plans. Zoho Sign Credits will be consumed when users in an organization use features and integrations that incur additional cost via purchase of add-ons.

How much will a Zoho Sign Credit cost and how many can I buy?
Each Zoho Sign Credit will cost 10 cents or 0.1 USD and they can be purchased in denominations of 500 (e.g. 500 credits for $50 and so on). You will be able to purchase Zoho Sign Credits from Accounts > Admin > Subscription details. Add-on pricing is subject to regional conversion rates for local currencies as usual.

When and how will the Zoho Sign Credits be consumed?
The table below outlines a list of the features and integrations in Zoho Sign that currently require the purchase of add-ons. It also provides a comparison between the existing add-on consumption model and how it will change with the introduction of Zoho Sign Credits.

1 - The effective cost per SMS will actually come down from 20 cents or 0.2 USD to 5 cents or 0.05 USD.
2 - The effective cost per document signed will remain the same at 50 cents or 0.5 USD.
# - The effective cost per document when using integrations serviced by third-party apps will vary for future releases based on vendor-associated costs.

Who will be eligible to purchase and use Zoho Sign Credits?
All organizations subscribed to a paid Zoho Sign license—Standard, Professional, Enterprise, API, or a Zoho bundle that includes Zoho Sign—Zoho One, Zoho PeoplePlus, Zoho Contracts, will be able to purchase and use Zoho Sign Credits for the features and integrations supported in their plan or bundle. 

Where will I be able to monitor the usage of my Zoho Sign Credits?
You will be able to monitor the usage of your organization's Zoho Sign credits from Settings > Admin > Subscription details.

Will I be notified when I am running low on Zoho Sign Credits?
Yes, you will be able to set reminders that notify you when the Zoho Sign Credits left in your account reach a low and a critical threshold. You will be able to define these thresholds based on usage in your organization's Subscription details page.

Will Zoho Sign Credits replace or affect my automation credits?
No, Zoho Sign Credits will not replace or affect an organization's automation credits in any way. Automation credits are not add-ons, they are complimentary credits provided to organizations subscribed to the Zoho Sign Enterprise plan and the Zoho One bundle. These organizations will continue to receive an amount of automation credits proportionate to their licensed user count at the start of their payment cycle every month. Once an organization runs out of automation credits, it will then require Zoho Sign Credits to execute the automations as outlined in the consumption chart given above.

How will this affect the existing organizations? What happens to my existing API and SMS credits?
This revamp will merely replace the API and SMS credit add-ons with the new Zoho Sign Credit add-on. It will not impact the existing organizations and their users in terms of the cost incurred. If your organization still has API or SMS credits left when the revamp is implemented, your actions will continue to consume those leftover add-ons and only upon their exhaustion will it require Zoho Sign Credits.

How will this affect organizations subscribed to the Zoho Sign API edition?
Organizations subscribed to the Zoho Sign API edition will not be affected in any way. They will simply be required to purchase Zoho Sign Credits instead of API credits once the revamp is implemented. Similar to other plans, their leftover API credits will be utilized first and only upon their exhaustion will they be required to purchase Zoho Sign Credits.

When will this revamp be implemented?
Zoho Sign Credits will be available for purchase and use by mid-August.

If you feel this change might disrupt your usage of Zoho Sign, feel free to let us know and we will look to assist you accordingly. For further details or any assistance, feel free to comment below or write to And do keep following us closely on this space for more exciting announcements very soon. 

Happy Zoho Signing!

Sai Anand

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