App Spotlight: Outgrow for Zoho CRM

App Spotlight: Outgrow for Zoho CRM

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Outgrow for Zoho CRM

Outgrow enables you to easily create interactive content for your website. Use applets and widgets such as calculators and quizzes to generate leads and customer data which you can then send to Zoho CRM to optimize conversions or personalize sales followup. 

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Business needs

  • Generating more leads and sales-qualified leads is a top priority for any business irrespective of size. 
  • With 80% of digital ads being ignored and an all-time low customer attention span, businesses have to struggle to boost traffic and keep the audience engaged. To increase audience engagement with your company, you probably need to create content that people find value in and love to share.
  • Just generating traffic and leads is not enough—you need to convert them to generate sales. For that, your website visitors probably need to be taken through complex intake procedures, be sold to in a personalized and professional way, and not be put off by website blockers. 


  • ‌Outgrow enables you to easily create applets and widgets that are a combination of calculators, quizzes, tests, polls, eCommerce recommendations, forms, surveys, contests, and chatbots which allow you to boost lead generation, engagement, and qualification. 
  • You can either start from scratch using its intuitive builder or choose from 1000+ ready-to-use or customizable templates to create interactive online experiences that engage prospects while adding value. 
  • Interactive elements encourage visitors to return to your site and allows you to personalize your products and services to your buyer's needs. And, finally, all the rich data you collect can be analyzed and filtered in Outgrow for better retargeting.  


  • 50% increase in sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Your sales team can improve lead nurturing and personalize sales followup with the insights gained from interactive content and a personalized results page.
  • Nearly 30% increase in conversion rate from interactive content as compared to generic landing pages. Conversion quality and quantity improve when leads are offered engaging content and better customer experience. 
  • ‌Increased time spent on the site, increased sales by consultative selling, increased website stickiness through interactivity, and increased efficiency through bots. 
  • Ability to filter all data collected by professional and shareable Outgrow widgets and applets, this data can then be passed on to Zoho to perform diverse functions. 
  • Ability to automatically follow up with the leads you generate on Outgrow, or to pass this data to Zoho CRM and follow up with them there. 

Get the app here

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