Are SPAM records troubling you?  Include reCAPTCHA in your webforms

Are SPAM records troubling you?  Include reCAPTCHA in your webforms

What is a reCAPTCHA?
reCAPTCHA is a test to identify whether a visitor on a webpage is a human or a bot. Adding reCAPTCHA to your webform prevents fraudulent submissions from bots and spam services.
There are various types of reCAPTCHAs provided by Google, but Zoho CRM supports only reCAPTCHA V2 - "I am not a robot" checkbox. Learn more about Google's reCAPTCHA.

Adding reCAPTCHA to your webforms
Before adding recaptcha to a webform, the webpage must be registered with Google reCAPTCHA. Upon registration, a site key and secret key is generated that must be specified in the webform. The site key invokes the reCAPTCHA to your website and the secret key authorizes the communication between your website and the reCAPTCHA server.


Adding reCAPTCHA in webforms  
While adding the reCAPTCHA field to the webform, you must specify the LabelSite Key, and Secret Key for the reCAPTCHA that you have configured for the website. You can go to the reCAPTCHA Admin Console to access them.

Adding reCAPTCHA to existing webforms
reCAPTCHA can also be added to the existing webforms. If those webforms are embedded on the webpage using the Source code, it should be replaced with the updated source code after adding the Google reCAPTCHA. If they are added to the webpage using Embed/iFrame code, the reCAPTCHA will be available once it is added to the webform. The code doesn't need to be updated on the webpage.

Apart from this, the user interface of the webform builder is updated.

You can refer to our help document if you need more information.


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