Associate multiple sender addresses with your inbox

Associate multiple sender addresses with your inbox

Hello all,
We have recently made changes to the inbox creation flow in Zoho TeamInbox. You can now create and associate multiple sender addresses with your inboxes to use them while sending out emails.
Why should you associate sender addresses with your inboxes?

A sender address constitutes the 'From' part of your email which your recipient uses to identify you.
When you create an email inbox in Zoho TeamInbox, there are two important steps you should configure:
1) to start receiving emails into your inbox and
2) to send emails out from your inbox.

So to receive emails into Zoho TeamInbox, you either enable email forwarding or fetch them via POP. Likewise, to send out emails, you should have a proper, verified sender address associated with your inbox.
You can create and associate multiple sender addresses with your inbox and use the most appropriate while composing an email.
Why do we allow multiple sender addresses for an inbox?

Before this update, you could use only the source address of your inbox as its sender address. But, we came across a lot of cases where teams wanted to use multiple other sender addresses for their inboxes. For instance, Patricia is assigned to an email received in She can now make a reply using either, or, or the source address itself.
Thus, you can use the sender address that is the most fitting for your scenario.  
However, here are a few of our recommendations:
  • Use the inbox' source address as the sender address. This will ensure that the replies made by your recipients are received in the same thread (of the email you sent out) under this inbox. If you're using other sender addresses, we suggest that you always CC the source address. Thereby, if the recipient hits 'Reply All', the reply can be received in your inbox. You can choose to automatically set the source address as CC from your inbox settings
  • Use custom SMTP for your sender address to ensure deliverability. If not, make sure that you configure DKIM for your domain.
Check out the feature and give us your feedback. Write to us at for any assistance. We are happy to be of help!
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