Associate subforms and save templates as draft in Email and Inventory templates

Associate subforms and save templates as draft in Email and Inventory templates

Hello everyone,

We are here with one of the most awaited updates in the Templates!

Associate subform data to templates

Fields from a Subform can be added to email and inventory templates in a tabular manner. Each subform will be displayed as an individual table. You can choose the fields that a table must contain. It is like a basic table and thus you can add or remove rows and columns, and set table design to your preference.

Save template as a Draft

Sometimes, you may have to add additional details or consult with your peers before removing finalizing the design or make changes based on a discussion with the client. To facilitate this, we are allowing you to save email and inventory templates as a draft and revisit them to add or remove details whenever needed.

Gallery templates supported in multiple languages

Until now, the templates in the gallery were supported only in English. We are now supporting these templates in all languages that are supported in Zoho CRM to provide more flexibility, better usage, and users' convenience.

Refer to the help doc for more details on templates

These updates are now available for all users, so try them and reach us out to share your feedback, queries, and suggestions.

Anumita Gupta
Zoho CRM

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