Auto Send One-Way Video Interview Through Blueprint Automation

Auto Send One-Way Video Interview Through Blueprint Automation

Hi Team, 


We love the Blueprint functionality and the One-Way Video Interview functionality is great. However, the only option for using the One-Way Video Interview functionality through blueprint involves a manual setup of the interview.  We send out these interviews as an automatic step at the beginning of our hiring process, however, setting these up manually hundreds of times over and over makes it a rather cumbersome process. I would like to propose allowing this functionality to be automatically generated through a blueprint, API, or workflow.


Regarding populating the fields each time - We would be able to specify the interviewer through either the job opening owner or the interviewers listed in the job opening. The candidate would be automatically populated along with the job opening as it currently is. If we could default the time that the link to take the assessment stays live to a picklist number of days from the generated time that would basically solve the field population issue. 

I believe that implementing these changes would provide a POWERFUL automation for handling lots of applicants per position.

Creation of One Way Video Interview setup phase through blueprint

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