Automatic Forward and personal mailbox

Automatic Forward and personal mailbox

Hello there,

I'm testing TeamInBox right now and I globally find it great ! However, I have two pain points. I would like to know if the features exists or not. And if not, if it's in your roadmap :

  1. Is there a possibility to set a personal inbox ? (easier than add a "team" then a new inbox ). Our team members have 2 addresses: a personal one and the team address ( It would be easier for them to have both mail arriving in the same environment. 
  2. Is there a possibility to create automatic froward (change inbox) between team inboxes ? I couldn't find it in the rules. One again, the idea is simple : my teammate is out of office, I don't want his mail to stay unread in his inbox. Is there a possibility to automatically forward/change inbox... an email arrived ?   

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