Automating Multiple Follow-Ups in Desk?

Automating Multiple Follow-Ups in Desk?

Curious to know what others are doing or what best practices are.

We're using Desk for customer support. Most of our tickets are taken care of right away, but there are certain ones in which we follow up with the customer after- usually one week after and one month after. However, there are some with different intervals. These are typically created when our team installs software for a customer. We want to make sure they're using it smoothly, maximizing benefits, and happy with the software after. 

Issue 1: Is there a faster way to add to Google Calendar? 
We use the integration and reps manually select a date and time, then generally remove the customer email to stop them from getting updates. Is there some way to add a button or have it automatically book something for a week out and a month out?

Issue 2: Is there an easy way to have the customer sent a follow-up email at those intervals?
The current process is that the team leaves the ticket open until their one-week and one-month follow-ups are done and they use Google Calendar to remind them. We're already using Happiness surveys when the ticket is closed, but that's more to rate the service they got. The follow-up is more related to how they're adjusting to the new software. I considered maybe some kind of trigger based on Status- there's already one called "follow up," but the issue here is that there are maybe 10-ish products it could involve and several timeframes- I don't want to gunk up the status field with 40 options. Also, it would be really slick if I could send them a Zoho Survey specific to their product/ software. 

If anyone is already doing this or has ideas, I'd love some feedback. Thanks!
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