Building Extensions #7: Configuration setup while building extensions - Part 3

Building Extensions #7: Configuration setup while building extensions - Part 3

This series aims to equip developers with all they need to build extensions for Zoho Desk in Zoho Sigma and publish them in Zoho Marketplace.

In our previous post, we discussed on establishing a default connection between Zoho Desk and other Zoho or third-party services and authenticating them. This post will continue by discussing on establishing a custom connection between Zoho Desk and third-party services, which are not available in the default services list. To connect with a service that is not in this list, you can create a new service in the Custom Service tab under Connections in Sigma. A new connector for the requested service will be created and listed for use.

To configure a custom connection:
  1. Navigate to the Sigma workspace.
  2. Choose Connections from the left panel.
  3. Under Create Connection, click on the Custom Service tab.
  4. Click on Create Your Own under Custom Service.
  5. Under Service Details, provide the following information:
    • Service Name: This is the display name of the service that you want to create.
    • Service LinkName: Link name to help you to uniquely identify your custom service.
    • Authentication Type: Choose from the dropdown menu of authentication types based on the desired service's API documentation, and enter the subsequent fields corresponding to that type. Learn more about authentication types.
  6. Under Connection Details, provide the following information:
    • Connection Name: The display name of your connection.
    • Connection LinkName: Link names must be unique and can be used in Deluge integration tasks and invoke URL scripts to establish authentication.
    • Scope (applicable only to OAuth 2 auth type): Scopes required to perform integration as specified in the desired service's API documentation.
    • Check Use Credentials Of Login User if you want every user to enter their service credentials to log in. If not checked, the admin login is sufficient for all users.
    • Scope Delimiter (applicable only to OAuth 2 auth type): Delimiter with which the desired service API expects the scopes to be separated.
  7. Click Create and Connect.
  8. On the Connection Summary page, click the JSON tab.
  9. Copy the code snippet and paste it into the plugin-manifest.json file within connectors.
Upon successful authorization, the connection will be created and listed in your connections page under Own Connections. The configured service will be listed under Custom Service.

  1. {
  2.    "locale":[
  3.       "en"
  4.    ],
  5.    "service":"DESK",
  6.    "storage":false,
  7.    "type":"personal",
  8.    "whiteListedDomains":[
  9.       "]%2C/"
  10.    ],
  11.    "modules":{
  12.       "widgets":[
  13.          {
  14.             "location":"desk.ticket.detail.rightpanel",
  15.             "url":"/app/widget.html",
  16.             "name":"Desk Extension",
  17.             "logo":"/app/img/logo.png",
  18.             "icon":"/app/img/icon.png"
  19.          }
  20.       ]
  21.    },
  22.    "zohoAuthorisation":{
  23.    },
  24.    "connectors":[
  25.       {
  26.          "connectionLinkName":"dropbox_for_zoho_desk",
  27.          "connectionName":"Dropbox for Zoho Desk",
  28.          "serviceName":"dropbox",
  29.          "userAccess":true,
  30.          "isUserDefinedService":false,
  31.          "sharedBy":"4241905"
  32.       }
  33.    ],
  34.    "config":[
  35.    ],
  36.    "moduleSupport":true
  37. }

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