Can I close a call "Silently" so it doesn't send a close email?

Can I close a call "Silently" so it doesn't send a close email?

Hi ZohoDesk,

Is there any way of closing a call silently so it doesn't send an email.

Scenarios where this may be required.

An Account Manager logs a call for a client which is a discussion internally.  They want something to be actioned for the client.  We change the Ticket details so we can see that this request was complete for this given customer.  When we complete the task we don't want the customer to get a close email.  (Actually as I type this I guess as a workaround we do the job and then change the details on the call once its closed and the close goes to the Account Manager to say it is complete)

If a contact (or Account Manager as in the example above comes back to us and says thank you the call needs closing again sending another email as we have it set to go back to the default of Open on response.

It's a tiny thing but if we can do this without too much complication, that would be great.  Our old system has a close without notification option and I think people have automatically expected to use this.

While we don't want to recreate the old system and ZohoDesk has already made our lives tons easier, if this is possible without using too much of your time it would be great to avoid sending multiple emails.

Many thanks


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