Can I still recover my Yahoo account through Facebook?

Can I still recover my Yahoo account through Facebook?

Yahoo Mail has become one of the best and most popular email services and it has been used for years. There are most of the email services that allow you to deactivate your account and Yahoo also does the same if you don’t want the account anymore. You can also link the Yahoo account with Facebook for a better experience.

Table of Contents

·         Yahoo Mail with Facebook

·         Find Yahoo ID and Restore Access to Yahoo Account

·         From Desktop Computer

·         From Mobile Device

·         Recover Yahoo account through Facebook

·         Post to Yahoo Account Creation

·         Summary-


Yahoo Mail with Facebook

You must have a similar email account for the Facebook and Yahoo mail and it also has some outstanding features which will enhance the users’ experience. There are some instances when people deactivate their account and further you realize that you want that account back. Not only in the case of a deactivated Yahoo account but in the case of a forgotten password, one can easily recover Yahoo Mail Account through Facebook using a few simple steps.

Find Yahoo ID and Restore Access to Yahoo Account

To get your deactivated account recovered, you will have to find your Yahoo account ID-

From Desktop Computer

·         Firstly, go to the Account Recovery Wizard

·         Enter one of the account recovery details that are available in the Account Recovery Wizard

·         Click on Continue and after that, follow the on-screen prompts in the wizard of Account Recovery

From Mobile Device

·         Tap on the ‘Trouble Signing In?’ option on the sign-in page of Yahoo

·         Choose any of the items of account recovery from the wizard Account Recovery

·         Follow the on-screen prompts by clicking on Continue to start the recovery procedure after finding your Yahoo account ID

Recover Yahoo account through Facebook

For retrieving Yahoo account through Facebook, all you need to do is to follow a few steps which are mentioned below-

·         If your Yahoo email and Facebook ID is similar then, you can retrieve your Yahoo account

·         For this, open the browser and then, go to the Yahoo sign-in page

·         Here you have to feed the Facebook ID in the Yahoo ID field and then, tap on the Continue option

·         Follow the on-screen prompts to remember the access of the Yahoo account

Post to Yahoo Account Creation

When you are done with the Yahoo account creation, you should create a new password

·         Rather than accessing and recovering Yahoo password by logging into the Yahoo page through the Facebook app, you have a different option and that is mentioned below-

·         Start the Facebook app or go to the Facebook Sign-In page on your system

·         Enter the Yahoo login password and id in the required domain on the screen

·         Go to the “Login” option to open the Facebook ID and enter the “Yahoo Mail” in the search box

·         Press the Enter key and then you will be redirected to the Yahoo-sign in page

·         After that, click on the Use existing App key in the Yahoo Mail page box and then, tap on the Sign-in option get access the “Yahoo Login” page

·         Now, click on the email address which appears on the page, and if not, then click on the Add Account option to enter the Yahoo Email Account

·         Click on the “I don’t remember password” option and enter the Yahoo Mail ID in the required field

·         Click on the Next option to continue with the recovery method in which you have to enter the password

Note: Ensure that you have entered the valid email ID and the previous step that is followed specifically to recover the Yahoo account. This is the time to choose the recovery option that is based on the preferred method

·         You can choose Mobile Phone Number recovery, security questions, or email address

·         If the contact number is registered there already then, choose the Mobile Phone Number recovery alternative and enter the phone number

·         There will be a One-Time Password which you will get on your mobile number which you have entered on your Yahoo mail account

·         Enter the OTP that appears in the required field to get access to the Yahoo email account

When done with signing into your account all you need to reset the password


These are a few tricks through which you can get your Yahoo account safely recovered. And deactivated account can be recovered within 30 days and after this, your Yahoo account will be deleted permanently.

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