Canvas View in Zoho CRM

Canvas View in Zoho CRM

Hello everyone,

In today's post, we will give you some insight on Zoho CRM's Canvas View. 

The Canvas View lets you choose a personalized way of displaying the records. You have been able to swap between the List view and Kanban view as and when required, but there may be instances when you would want to completely customize the way each record is displayed, that's when you would require a canvas view. 

Below are a few options that you can use to create a personalized view for the records: 

1. Display record image - This option lets you add an image to the record for better identification. 

2. Grouping Records - With this option, you can group two or more fields that may contain lengthy text or similar information. The field text box automatically expands to accommodate the entries without compromising the text alignment. A good example can be the address and location fields that usually have many characters. 

3. Icon - Using an icon, you can replace the field label with an icon. For example, in case of travel and tourism you can use icons to display different modes of travel instead of using text based field label.

4. Color - You can add color to the text or introduce background color to highlight the field entries. There is a default list of colors available in CRM, however, you can use the color palate to create your hue. 

5. Style - Choose any style from the 12 available styles, in which you want a field name to appear. You can give colors to the record names, mark them as vital information, or make them low priority or show them as paragraph text. 

6. Text Alignment - Change the text alignment for the field entries from left, right or centre alignment.

7. Label - If you think the field label is not mandatory you can simply toggle it off. 

Once a canvas view is created, you can go ahead and share it with other CRM users or users in your organization. The CRM users are listed out based on roles, groups, users or roles and subordinates. Additionally, you can also clone a canvas view if necessary. 

Check out other interesting tools and what more you can do in canvas view here.

We hope you liked this post, go ahead and try it out and write to us what you think by commenting below. 


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