Check out the new locations for creating extensions

Check out the new locations for creating extensions

Are you looking to create more extensions for Zoho Projects? Create new extensions using Zoho Sigma for the below locations and extend the scope of Zoho Projects. Refer to our user guide for more information.
1. Task details right panel
You can create your extensions for the right side panel of the task details page. We have Zoho MeetingZoho Cliq and Harvest extensions created for this location.

2. Issue details right panel
You can create your extensions for the right side panel of the issue details page. We have Zoho Desk and Zoho Cliq extensions created for this location.

3. Blueprint (During transition)
You can create your own extensions for the During transition setting of Blueprint. Users can associate extensions when configuring During transition.
The extension specific data can be stored against the transition using the blueprint_during set method 
zohoprojects.set("blueprint_during", data_to_be_stored).then(function(res) {

4. Task transition (task details page)
You can create your own extensions for the task transition location.
The extension specific data stored against the transition can be retrieved using the blueprint_during get method 
zohoprojects.get("blueprint_during").then(function(res) {
You can complete/close transition from within your extension using the completeTaskTransition & closeTransition options in invoke methods.
zohoprojects.invoke("completeTaskTransition"); & zohoprojects.invoke("closeTransition");

Zoho Projects Team

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    • Work agile in Zoho Projects! The much-awaited Zoho Sprints integration is in the making.

      Let your teams work in both classic and agile methodology using our integration with Zoho Sprints. We made sure you get the best of both worlds with this integration. You can scale through teams irrespective of what methodology they use and make sure they work with speed and flexibility. And, you can do it all from one place- Zoho Projects.  Why this integration is a benefit?  This integration mostly helps in managing classic and agile practices together. Most organizations use a mix of both classic
    • Spotlight #2: The Checklist extension for Zoho Projects

      Hola, folks! The extension in the spotlight for this fortnight will be Checklist for Zoho Projects. We recommend using its latest version if you have not updated it yet.   Things you can do with this extension: Create instantaneous to-do lists for your tasks and issues in Zoho Projects Create checklist templatesnew Convert an existing checklist into a templatenew Reduce the number of subtasks required for a work item Include checklists in your project templates and save more time. Refer to this extension's
    • Manage expenses from Zoho Projects

      One of the most difficult tasks in project management is to track expenses and stay within the allocated budget. With Zoho Expense integration it is now easy to monitor and manage project related daily expenses of employees. The integration helps manage complete expenses, right from uploading a receipt to its approval.  ​ What are the benefits of this integration?  Track expenses using Expense reports inside Zoho Projects. View expense along with the actual cost and compare it with the project budget.
    • Tip - 45: Custom Views in Zoho Projects

      Perspective differs from person to person. Customizing your project makes it unique and helps you implement your own perspective. Besides the predefined views, you can now create your own custom views for Projects, Tasks, and Issue as per your preference.   Consider a scenario. Monica owns a construction company and wants to keep track of projects that have exceeded the budget. She chooses Budget Health from the predefined fields and filters the projects with cost overruns. She saves this as a custom
    • Tip 50: Customizing fields and layouts for time logs in Zoho Projects

      Dear users,  We received many feature requests regarding customized timesheet fields from you. A few of them are highlighted below:  "We would like to add a dropdown in a time-log with some custom values in it, preferably connected to a field in a task/issue that sets a default value but can be overwritten." "We have a few projects wherein we want resources to clock hours against specific items. We have multiple sub-projects under a specific client project and would like to capture hours for sub-projects

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