Checkbox - Integration between Zoho Forms and CRM

Checkbox - Integration between Zoho Forms and CRM


I'm looking to add a contact to CRM based on the completion of a Form.  My only issue is setting a Primary contact checkbox in CRM based on a checkbox on the Form.  There appears to be a disconnect between the two applications as the integration set-up does not allow me to choose the checkbox field in the Form when attempting to link it to the checkbox field present in the CRM.  A few thoughts/observations...

  • Assume that it's seeing these two options as differing field types even though they are both checkboxes. 
  • I get the message stating "You can map CRM fields only if there are corresponding fields in Zoho Forms." 
  • Only have this issue when trying to link a single checkbox from CRM with a checkbox from Forms.  
Any suggestions?  Also, if I'm not being clear, let me know and I'll try to explain better :)


Enjoy today,


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