Cliq UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED TRIAL plans pricing changes effective from 12th July 2021

Cliq UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED TRIAL plans pricing changes effective from 12th July 2021

We have added marginal changes to our Cliq UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED TRIAL plans as mentioned below.


(The below mentioned pricing is in USD)


Monthly Billing


  • Up to 500 users =  $3/user

  • 501 - 1000 users = $2.5/user

  • 1001 - 5000 users = $2/user

  • 5001 - 10,000 users = $1.5/user

  • 10,000+ users = $1/user


Yearly Billing


For annual billing, an offer of 10% is applied on payment.


  • Up to 500 users = $2.7/user

  • 501 - 1000 users = $2.25/user

  • 1001 - 5000 users = $1.8/user

  • 5001 - 10,000 users = $1.35/user

  • 10,000 + users = $0.9/user


For example, if you are purchasing for an organization of 1005 users, the first 500 users will be billed under $3/user category, the next 500 users under $2.5/user category and the last 5 users under $2/user category. Thus, the pricing for one month will be calculated as (500 x $3) + (500 x $2.5) + (5 x $2).


Who will be impacted by this price change?

  • New users signing up after 12th July 2021.

  • Existing FREE plan users, who will sign up for Cliq UNLIMITED and UNLIMITED TRIAL plans after 12th July 2021.

  • Users who are a part of the UNLIMITED and UNLIMITED TRIAL plans downgrading to Cliq's FREE plan after 12th July 2021.


Cliq users who won't be impacted by this price change

  • Users who already are a part of Cliq Unlimited plan/Unlimited Trial.

  • Customers using bundle subscriptions such as Zoho One and WorkPlace Standard.


 Introducing Cliq add-ons for storage 

Cliq now provides you the flexibility to buy additional add-on storage as per your organizational requirements.


Monthly Billing


  • 5  GB storage at $2/month

  • 25 GB storage at $3.50/month

  • 50 GB storage at $5.50/month

  • 100 GB storage at $8/month

  • 200 GB storage at $12/month


Yearly Billing


  • 5 GB storage at $18/year

  • 25 GB storage at $35/year

  • 50 GB storage at $55/year

  • 100 GB storage at $80/year

  • 200 GB storage at $120/year

For more information please refer to the pricing page




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