Codeless Bots : Action Blocks to perform information-based actions

Codeless Bots : Action Blocks to perform information-based actions

What are Action blocks?
The Codeless bot platform in the Zobot offers actions similar to the ones in the SalesIQ Scripts platform. The action blocks can be used to perform actions based on the visitor's needs and information collected so far in the flow.

The criteria router splits the bot's conversation flow into different flows based on custom rules defined using the visitor's information. This card helps you simplify your complex routing processes by letting you add multiple rules for different criteria.

As the name implies, the forward card can be used to let your bot hand over visitor conversations to an available operator seamlessly. All operators in the portal will be notified about the incoming chat and one of them can choose to pick it up and answer.

The block card can be used to block spammers/harassers when they initiate conversations on the website.

In case all operators in your organization are busy or unavailable at the time a chat is routed to an operator or a department, the operator busy action allows visitors to leave a message before the chat is ended. These chats will also be marked as missed.

You can use the end card to end an ongoing visitor-bot conversation. 

This card will switch the flow back to a particular card. All you have to do is specify the targeted card and activate the go to card.

This card can be used to perform a set of operations defined in a plug by simply providing the values required for the plug to work. Choose the plug that you want to associate from the drop-down and define the plug input and output fields. You can store the return values from the plug in bot context on success. 

The send email card allows the bot to send emails during a visitor - bot conversation. This can also be used to send details of the ongoing bot conversation. 

To learn how to build your bot using the Codeless bot platform, click here.

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