Community Digest - August 2022

Community Digest - August 2022

Hello, Folks!
This month's digest features a brand new space!  Checkout Dev's Corner that highlights intriguing subjects based on developer-centric posts.


> We are glad to announce that we have enhanced our Subform support by adding user fields. You can now add a User email ID or any other related information from the users detail page.

> Checkout the post to know more about the new upgrades in wizards, which include enhancements for conditional rules and Wizard Button Customization.


> Here's a code on how to have the total of closed and open calls shown in a custom field in the Leads module

> Looking to create an invoice in Zoho CRM that directly creates the same invoice in Zoho Books? Here's what you need to do.

> Appreciating @sbeltran for taking the time to share a Function to download a file from File Upload field

>  The Functions 101 series has benefited many in the community in becoming educated with CRM Functions." We'd like to thank @Watson&Company for answering a question from the Webinar in this post. Check this post to know more on Function 101 series.

> Kudos to @Nik for sharing a Function to access the previous value of a field through a workflow that triggers when there's an on stage change of a deal.

> Discover how to delete Multi Line Text type fields whenever it meets specific criteria using Functions.  


Dev's Corner

> Checkout this discussion on connecting CRM to Zoom through an API, and the workaround when you can't find the API name that needs to be added  to online meetings.

> Get to know which API version allows you to upload images to custom image fields.

> Learn to write a query to join Contacts and Deals using COQL


> Discover how to get line items from sales order using bulk read.

> Explore what the implications of moving from COQL v2 to v3 are.

> Checkout how to include CC or BCC in a meeting invite created using APIs
Other Useful Discussions

> See  how you can send a mail-merge document from Zoho CRM as a PDF using Deluge.

on Deal conversion.

> Do you want to know how to modify the domain email name when it's triggered by workflow rules? Look at this post.

> See how to use a formula field in the Sales order module to automatically add 365 days to the 'End Date' field.

> Explore the suggestions for leveraging Schedules to allow webforms to send mass emails with follow-ups.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month's round-up. Keep tabs on the digest every month for the latest ideas and discussions. Stay tuned and engage in the forums to be included in the next month's digest. Have a wonderful month!


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                Hello everyone! We are delighted to announce that we've opened up registrations for ZUG Meetups, September - November 2022. We have some exciting topics to cover at our upcoming meetups, to time and again, familiarize and implement new Zoho advancements
              • CRM Hack #2: Automate sending of birthday greetings to your customers.

                  Hello everyone! What sets you apart as a sales person is your ability to add that personal touch to your business relationship with your customers. Sending a gift on a special day, or leaving a note wishing them on their birthdays, are small, yet significant actions that show your customers that you care. And these are actions done without any expectations :) You must be engaging with a lot of customers and it is highly unlikely that they all are your friends on Facebook or some social channel,
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                A couple of years ago, we started setting up industry-wise channels for users with similar businesses to chat and discuss Zoho contextually. We started with Real Estate and E-commerce sectors, creating a chatroom and hosting regular meetups on niche areas
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                Hello everyone, We have opened up registrations for the Virtual ZUG Meetups for February - March 2022. Last month, we had a great discussion with our Zoho User Groups. For the next one, we'll be discussing Subforms in Zoho CRM and integration of Zoho

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