Community Digest - July 2022

Community Digest - July 2022

Hello, folks!

We're back with another digest post!
This digest highlights the announcements and discussions that occurred in the Zoho CRM forums in July.
Get ahead and discover what you've been missing!


We are excited to share with you that we have some brand new features and updates available for Zoho CRM. Check it out!
  • Introducing condition-based data sharing rules in Zoho CRM. You can now establish sharing rules to share specific records based on criteria or record owner. Refer to the post for more details on the UI modifications made to the sharing rule page.
  •  CRM's invoice module now has a deal lookup field . You no longer need to add them manually because they are included in the layout by default. This allows users to directly associate deals when creating an invoice or carryover deal information while turning a quote into an invoice.
  • Use Zia's Next Best Experience to improve your customer experience. It is intended to analyze your organization's won deals, understand how correspondences are handled at each step, correlate the findings with your open deals, and express suggestions within a deal as a widget.
  • Notifications are now available in Motivator This enhanced notification feature will keep you informed of performance updates as they happen. You will be notified on the Motivator panel as well as in other locations across Zoho CRM. More information can be found in the post.  

Focus Group Webinar                  

We had a focus group webinar on Revamped reports in Zoho CRM last month. Some of you may have missed the live session, but no worries. We have released the recording and it is now available on the forum. Click the link to watch it

  • Check out how @Daniel Coward Daniel Coward uses a function to generate Quote PDFs , update the date format and currency based on country, and attach them to the Lead record. This is done with the click of a button from the Leads module.
  • Checkout the code for creating a button and the script that updates the lead owner based on who hits the button.
  •  Take a look at the code to delete both the deal and the related records with the press of a button in addition to the script to delete the related list/Delink Related List.

Other Useful Discussions

My Zoho Story

In this community interview series, Zoho users from various industries share their insights and experiences with leveraging Zoho to empower their businesses. 

This interview features Ben Wagner who is a Real Estate Investor for Leavethekey. Ben gets to address some of the questions, such as how to run a real estate business strategically and the challenges he overcame with the help of Zoho.
Watch the video to discover more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this month' s round-up. Keep tabs on the digest every month for the latest ideas and discussions. Stay tuned and engage in the forums to be included in the next month's digest. Have a wonderful month! 

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                                          • (Cancelled) UK In-person Zoho User Group (ZUG) Meetups - Learn, share and discuss all things Zoho

                                            Hi there, Hope you all are well. We're thrilled to announce the next series of in-person Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups in the UK. Following the success of our first leg of meetups in 2024, where Zoho experts had the opportunity of engaging with users.
                                          • Function #35: Close all tasks associated with a lead and create a new task.

                                            Welcome back everyone! Last week, we learnt how to close all tasks of a deal depending upon the deal stage. This week, let's look at a custom function that lets you close all of the tasks associated with a lead while simultaneously creating a new task, like when you need to halt all progress towards a lead while the lead is not available at the moment but create a reminder task. Business scenario: The success of a company, in one way or another, is determined by the leads it gets. Each lead is just
                                          • ZUG (Zoho User Group) In-person Meetups - Learn, Share, and Discuss All Things Zoho

                                            Hi, We hope you are all doing well. We are excited to announce the second leg of our in-person Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups in your region. A quick update: Our first leg of meetups in 2024 reached completion, and Zoho experts had the opportunity to meet
                                          • Tip #35 - On using Kanban View in Zoho CRM

                                            Hi folks,  It's that time of the week again, and I am back with a quick tip about using Kanban View in Zoho CRM. If you think you missed any of our previous weeks' tips, you can read them here.  Tip #35 - On using Kanban View in Zoho CRM You deal with so many records in CRM every single day! When you click open each module in Zoho CRM, you have hundreds of records, each in various stages of your sales pipeline. Wouldn't it be cool if you had them all sorted automatically without having to filter
                                          • ZUG (Zoho User Group) In-person Meetups - Learn, share and discuss all things Zoho

                                            Hi, Hope you all are well. We're excited to announce our second leg of in-person Zoho User Group (ZUG) meetups in your region. A quick update - Our first leg of meetups in 2024 progressed and reached completion smoothly, where Zoho experts had the opportunity

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