WFH Tip : 8 Connect with website visitors and drive online sales with Zoho SalesIQ's live chat widget

WFH Tip : 8 Connect with website visitors and drive online sales with Zoho SalesIQ's live chat widget

Live chat on business websites can be more than just a platform for visitors landing on your website to chat with the operators of your organization. It lets visitors connect with you to know about the products/services that you offer, take your help in case of discrepancy or even make small talk. One of the most powerful features of Zoho SalesIQ is its live chat window that is stacked up with the most effective features to maximize your productivity. This post will focus on all the amazing features that the SalesIQ chat window has to offer and how they can revolutionize the productivity of your business on a daily basis.

  • Forms to help with data collection: Zoho SalesIQ's live chat window has been configured with forms that help you collect information about your visitors before they begin a chat with your operators. Visitors can also choose the department they want to connect with. This can be used later during follow-ups, to identify returning visitors on your website or in the process of lead generation.

  • Fully-equipped chat windows for lively conversations: Once they begin a chat, the SalesIQ chat window not only allows visitors to send plain text messages but also lets them communicate with emojis. Written language can sometimes be restrictive and so emojis give your visitors a chance to put feelings into words and liberate their chat language resulting in a relatively amicable experience.

  • They can also attach files and send screenshots or documents during a conversation. This saves them the time and trouble of typing lengthy descriptions. Not just this, but we have a lot more inside the chat window for you to explore.

  • Audio calls to keep complicated issues at bay: Complex issues always mean long and monotonous chat conversations. In order to eliminate this, Zoho SalesIQ's live chat widget offers your visitors the option of placing an audio call with your operators right from their chat window and get issues resolved at the blink of an eye. No external apps or phone numbers are required - all of this happens at the click of a button.

  • Screen sharing for real-time resolutions: If your visitors are still not satisfied at the end of an audio call and need more insight, they can initiate screen sharing sessions with your operators to give them a clearer picture of the issue that they are facing. This gives your operators a chance to look at the issue in live, understand it better and resolve it accordingly.

  • Zobots for assistance around the clock: Visitors can also hold up conversations with the Zobot in their chat window when your operators are not available or are busy with other chats at the moment. Here, visitors' chats are picked up by the Zobots and are addressed instantaneously even after business hours or during holidays. This way none of your visitors' chat go unanswered, no matter what.

  • Backed-up conversation history for reference: In the live chat window, visitors can look back at the conversations that they had with your operators. This helps in case they need answers to questions that have been previously answered or if they want to quote a part of a conversation to get an update.

  • Knowledge base for self-service: Sometimes, your visitors might not be in the mood to start a conversation about the issues that they are facing. They would rather look up the answer themselves. You can ease this process for them by categorizing the FAQs and common articles in your KB and giving them access to these right from their chat windows. This can reduce the time and effort for both your operators and website visitors - the former can read articles related articles and resolve issues themselves while the latter can take time to concentrate on complicated issues.

  • Feedback to make better and enhanced decisions: Would you not want to know what visitors think about their whole experience on your website after they have explored all these power-packed features? Visitors have the privilege of giving you feedback about their experiences on your website. This will keep you informed about what visitors think about your brand and what more they expect and help you make improvements accordingly.

Above all, you can customize the look and feel of the chat window to match your business website. Check it out right away!
For more information, check out our Help Documentation.


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