Contextualizing bot conversation to provide personal support with Codeless bot

Contextualizing bot conversation to provide personal support with Codeless bot

To make your automated bot support more effective, you need to contextualize the conversation. To do so, you need more info on the visitor and use the collected info in the bot's flow. In Codeless bot, we have pre-defined data blocks to get the visitor's name, address, phone number, and company name. But want if you want to get more information such as an address, age, or other information from the visitors? That's where the visitor fields and bot context come in.  

What is the visitor field card?

The Visitor field card allows you to collect more information from the visitors, such as age, address, user ID, password, etc. And have the collected data ready to be synced and used in integrations like CRM and  Help Desk.

What is bot context?

The bot context option allows the input collected by the bot to be stored in the bot's memory and used further in the bot's flow.

In this example, we collect the desired membership plan from the visitor. Once the visitor provides their option, we can show the plan details and cost and route them to specific operators using the Criteria router card.

Now let's have a quick recap of the Monthly focus:         

Post 1: Prioritizing visitors with Criteria router card

If you want your bot to be more dynamic and provide custom solutions based on the visitors' type, you can use the Criteria router card. The criteria router card is most commonly used to have different bot flows for your new visitors, existing customers, and VIPs. To read the post, click here .

Post 2: Using integration cards to connect to other apps

The integration cards let you sync the data collected by bots to sync with external applications such as CRM, Desk, Campaigns, and more. Click here for the post.

Post 3: Extending the Codeless bot's functionality with Plugs

If you use a product/service, not in the list of SalesIQ's integrations , you can use plugs to connect the services to SalesIQ using plugs. Also, If the extensive set of blocks provided by the Codeless bot still doesn't fit your business requirements, you can use the plugs to extend the functionality and make the bot perform custom actions based on your needs. Read the full post here .

Webinar   :

We had a webinar where will had a deep dive into the building of the Codeless bot. You can check out the webinar below.

What will be the next topic for Monthly focus?  

We are not revealing the topic just yet. But let me give you a clue, it is something that can exponentially improve the support effectiveness of operators. You can post your guess in the comments. Also, if you have any questions regarding the Codeless bot, please contact us at support[at]zohosalesiq[dot]com .



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