Create workflow rules based on notes

Create workflow rules based on notes

Last modified on 17/04/2023: Creating Workflow rules based on notes is now available for all Zoho CRM users in all DCs. Note that it was an early access feature available only upon request. As of April 13, 2023, it is rolled out for al Zoho CRM accounts. Find out more about Workflow Rules in our help doc.

Dear All,
We're here with an enhancements for Workflow rules. You can now configure rules to trigger based notes in your records. Let's have a look at the changes in detail.

Workflow for Notes 

You can now execute workflow rules based on notes. The rules can be triggered when a note is added, added or modified, just modified, or a note is deleted.

For each action, you can further set additional conditions to segregate specific notes for triggering the rule. You can select whether the rule should be triggered for all records in the module, or specific records meeting certain conditions.

Each note comes with certain attributes like created by, created time, note content, etc. You can either choose to trigger the workflow for all notes for the chosen records, or you could set up conditions based on the note attributes to select specific notes.
For example, let's say you want the workflow to be executed for all leads when the note contains the word Discount as content.

Here is the list of note attributes considered for creating workflow rules:
  • Created by
  • Created time
  • Modified by
  • Modified time
  • Note content
  • Note owner
  • Note title

That's all about the enhancement. Read more about configuring workflow rules based on notes in our help doc.

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