CRM module name capitalisation bug ?

CRM module name capitalisation bug ?


I''m writing a deluge script from Desk to create a task in CRM. All is good when I deal with a lead, but not when a contact is involved. It took me days to figure it out. It might be a bug.

Here is a snippet of my script

  1. // Ticket Description
  2. taskMap.put("What_Id",{"id":ticketContactId});
  3. taskMap.put("Description",ticketDescription);
  4. taskMap.put("Owner",{"email":ticketOwnerEmail});
  5. taskMap.put("Status","Not Started");
  6. taskMap.put("Subject",ticketSubject);
  7. taskMap.put("$se_module",se_module);
  8. info zoho.crm.createRecord("Tasks",taskMap);

Following the Module name documentation (

when the customer is a CRM lead, then the variable se_module = "Leads";
when the customer is a CRM contact, then the variable se_module = "Contacts";

In the case of the deluge script, when the customer is a contact, and se_module = "Contacts", the editor returns

  1. {"api_name":"$se_module"},"message":"invalid data","status":"error"}

In fact, and this took me days to find out... the module name is NOT "Contacts" as mentioned in the doc, but "contacts" (no capitalization)!
However "Leads" is correct, not "leads"...

Either the documentation should be modified (module name is "contacts" and "Leads"). Or the case sentivity in Deluge should be changed to insentitive. Or module names should be all capitalized or none, but not mixed.


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