Crunch your spreadsheet data better with 7 new Zoho Sheet functions

Crunch your spreadsheet data better with 7 new Zoho Sheet functions

Spreadsheet functions help you quickly compute, analyze, and visualize data. Zoho Sheet supports over 400 functions, now including TOROW, TOCOL, HSTACK, VSTACK, TAKE, DROP, and NUMBERVALUE to help you reorganize data as per your convenience.

With the TOROW function, you can convert an array into a single row in a left-to-right sequence. You can use TOROW(), if you wish to combine multiple rows and columns of data into a single row for better data visualization.

If you wish to view an array as a column, simply use the TOCOL function. This function scans values in your array from left to right. Employ TOCOL() when you desire to combine different categories of data into a single category under a single column.

Use HSTACK() to combine multiple ranges of data or tables, that are even spread across different sheets, into a single array. When you use HSTACK() to combine two or more arrays, each new array gets appended to the right of the previous array.
HSTACK() can be highly useful when you need to find the consolidated result of two different arrays.
Consider this example =SUMIF(HSTACK(array1;array2); condition; sum_range), where you combine two arrays, and further find the sum for any specific range.

Prepare a holistic data set with VSTACK() that lets you aggregate multiple arrays or data tables into a single table in a top-to-bottom sequence.
Combine VSTACK() with a variety of other spreadsheet functions to fine-tune your results further.
Consider this example =COUNTIF(VSTACK(array1;array2); condition), where you can count the number of cells that meet the specified condition in the combined array. 

Have got an exhaustive list of data records and want to pull out only a few rows/columns? Use TAKE() to extract a specified number of sequential rows and columns from the start or end of any desired array.

The DROP function is the reverse of the TAKE function where you can remove any number of rows and columns from the start/end of the given array.

The NUMBERVALUE function is one of the TEXT functions that simplifies the conversion of text into a number in a locale-independent manner (not specific to the format of any country/region). 
For example, if the entered decimal separator or grouping separator doesn't match the spreadsheet's locale, then the number will be considered as text. In that case, you can use NUMBERVALUE() to convert that text into number.

We hope these new spreadsheet functions help you handle data more efficiently. Try them out and share your feedback in the comments below. For further product updates, follow our community

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