Custom Date Range in Dashboard Widgets

Custom Date Range in Dashboard Widgets

When creating a widget, I can "group by" week, month, year, etc., but I can't figure out how to group by "the last X days". This can be done with a chart and pivot table. I can even set the timeline filter with a customer date range.

Here is my use case scenarioI have a social media dashboard showing key performance indictors. I log in on Monday and access my "weekly quick view" dashboard to see how my company is doing this week compared to last week. A line chart, bar chart, and pivot table all accurately show data for the last seven days. However, the widget only allows me to group data by week, which means I am viewing this week (which is only one day) in relation to all of last week. So with this limited functionality, the dashboard is only accurate on Saturdays because it is set as the last day of the week. 



I see this same issue with all of the premade social media dashboards in Zoho Analytics. For instance, when I synced my facebook data, I got a premade dashboard called "Page Insights (Dashboard) (Facebook Pages)".


The timeline filter allows the user to select the past 3 months. Every one of the charts are correct, but the widgets at the top are set to "full date" so they show today compared to yesterday. If I change the "group by" option to month, then the widget shows me the this month (13 days) in relation to all last month. There is way to view the last 3 months in relation to the 3 months prior. There is no way to compare data in the widgets based on the timeline filter. If I select to view the last two months, the widget is only going to compare today in relation to yesterday. Users are then confused and blame the analyst for showing false/misleading data. 


This issue is prevalent in every one of the premade dashboards in zoho analytics.


What am I missing?

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