Custom Fields in Zoho Sprints

Custom Fields in Zoho Sprints

Different types of businesses require the collection of distinct types of data. It is essential to have fields that capture additional information and support its nature. The Custom Layout and Field option in Zoho Sprints allow you to customize the layout of the form used to collect data and record additional information.  

Difference between a default field and a custom field 

A default field is a standard field that appears on the creation page. A custom field lets you add information that is customized to suit the current business requirement. A custom field can also be made mandatory.

Custom Fields in Zoho Sprints 

Zoho Sprints has 20 different types of custom fields.
              Custom Field
Single Line Text
Add one line texts
Text Area
Add information in the form of texts
Add HTML codes
Check Box
Add information in the form of check boxes in which the user can select multiple options.
Radio Button
Add information as radio buttons
Add numerical values
Pick List
Add drop-down values to the drop-down field where the user can pick only one value.
Multi Select
Add drop-down values to the drop-down field where the user can pick multiple values.
Add decimal values
Add dates
Date & Time
Add date and time
Add links
Add email addresses
User Pick List
Add a user list to pick one
Add a toggle button in which the user can select only one option.
Add percentage information
Retrieve a particular piece of information
Add currencies
Add formulas for automatic calculation    

Advantages of Custom Fields

  • Captures additional information.
  • Supports information based on its nature.
  • Helps in retrieving a particular piece of information. For e.g., Lookup custom field fetches you specific information from a specific module.
  • Supports automatic calculation of data. For e.g., Formula field calculates data based on the set criteria.

PII and Encrypted  

Some of the custom fields can be marked as PII or encrypted for the purpose of privacy.  

Modules that support Custom Fields         

  1. Work Items
  2. Projects
  3. Releases
  4. Meetings
  5. Epics 

To add a custom field,  

  1. Go to Setup in the top right corner.
  2. Navigate down to Custom Layouts and Fields and click the concerned module.
  3. Create a new layout.
  4. Drag and drop a custom field.
  5. Fill in the details.
  6. Select the privacy preferences and click Create .

If you'd like to know about our custom fields in detail, you can check out our help resource . Feel free to write to in case you need any assistance.

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