Customer service made simple with Zoho Desk, now with iOS 13 experience

Customer service made simple with Zoho Desk, now with iOS 13 experience

Hello All, 

This year like all the others had the internet buzzing as Apple announced the release of iOS 13, the latest update for iPhones. We are celebrating this release too because with iOS 13, we can enable agents to make the most out of their day helping customers using the Zoho Desk mobile app.

Here’s what we have in store for you with this update:

Dark Mode:

iOS 13 has released the Dark mode feature for the device, and we're right on the money as well. Dark mode provides better legibility to reduce the strain on your eyes and get things done for longer periods.

Hello Siri

You will now be able to set up Siri shortcuts to add resolutions, leave comments on a ticket etc. Launch Siri on your mobile device and voice out the action that you would like to perform on the ticket by simply talking to Siri.


Contextual Menus:

Long pressing on a ticket will now display the preview and all other vital information related to the ticket. You can glean context quicker, enabling you to take faster action.

Document Scanning:

It allows you to scan documents using your iPhone’s camera. The scanned documents can now be attached as a file to tickets, threads or comments within Zoho Desk app when on the go. 

Helpful Haptics:

In case if agents
 accidentally close tickets or mark them as spam while picking them up, Zoho Desk now supports haptic feedback to these gestures. You will immediately know what gesture the app is picking up, even if you didn’t intend to conduct that action.

For your choice of language:

With iOS13, we now have the option to set a language just for the app irrespective of the language set in the mobile device. You can do so by going on to Desk app settings > Language > select the language of your choice.  


Do try out these features and let us know your feedback in the comments section.

With regards,

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