Customize your SalesIQ live chat with Custom CSS and blend it with your website design

Customize your SalesIQ live chat with Custom CSS and blend it with your website design

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SalesIQ offers various inbuilt customization choices for your chat widget and window like changes in colour, theme, font etc. Although these choices are many, sometimes they may not match with the design of your website. For such cases, we offer the Custom CSS feature which will allow you to customize, modify and change the appearance and feel of every aspect of your SalesIQ live chat widget and window on your website.
In this post, we will be talking about some necessary pointers on how you can write and implement Custom CSS for your requirements. We have also included a few tips and sample CSS for frequently asked queries.

Building your CSS

For ease of understanding, we have broken down all of the structural modules of the chat window and given the field names and their basic CSS in our detailed user guide here. Using this, you will be able to build your CSS code for individual parts of the module and then apply it, according to your specific requirements.

Where do I place the CSS code? 

There are 2 methods to carry out Custom CSS on SalesIQ. Both methods are used for varying circumstances. 

  1. Brand Personalization - The first method is by uploading the Custom CSS file in the Personalization area of the chat widget. This method is to be used when changes/modifications are to be made on the elements within the chat window. For example, changes in the messaging area, font used within the chat window, colour changes for the header or minimize button etc.

For this,

  • Navigate to Settings > Brands > Personalization > Appearance tab.
  • Scroll down to Upload custom CSS and click on Upload.

  • Choose the required CSS file from the list.
  • The preview window on the right will immediately display the result of adding your Custom CSS code to SalesIQ.
In this case, CSS for changing the header colour was added.
  1. Website Style sheet

In this method, the CSS needs to be uploaded directly to a website's style sheet. This method is used when changes are required outside of the chat window. For example, sizing changes of the chat window, position and colour changes of the chat widget etc.

In this case, a Custom CSS for changing the height and width of the chat window has been added to the style sheet.

Tips for writing Custom CSS

  1. The !important rule in CSS can be used to add more weightage to a property and override other previously added styling rules.

  2. Extra CSS weightage can be added with a body tag, which will be another way to override all previous styling rules for the element.

Frequently asked CSS formats 

We have taken note of some of the frequently asked queries and provided the custom CSS code here for your reference.

  • To change the header colour of the chat window.

  1. body header {
  2.     background: #e2bb3c !important;
  3. }
  • To change the chat window dimensions on website.

  1. body .zsiq-newtheme.siqembed.zls-sptwndw {
  2. height: 500px !important;
  3. width: 400px !important;
  4. }
  • To change the chat widget colour.

  1. body .zsiq_flt_rel {
  2. background-color: #e2bb3c !important;
  3. }

  • To change the chat window dimensions on mobile alone.

  1. @media only screen and (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 555px)
  2. {
  3. body .zsiq-newtheme.zsiq-mobhgt.siqembed {
  4. height: 80% !important;
  5. width: 80% !important;
  6. }
  7. }

  • To move the position of the chat widget.

  1. body .zsiq_floatmain {
  2. right: 40px !important;
  3. bottom: 40px !important;
  4. }
Thank you for reading through. We hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions, please drop a comment and our team will be happy to help you.

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