Cut out prolonging chat sessions with Zoho SalesIQ Audio call!

Cut out prolonging chat sessions with Zoho SalesIQ Audio call!

Audio call has always been the most yearned-for feature among our customers. As we've always loved to stack up customers' plates with cool new features every now and then, we thought why not put together everything we can and start fulfilling our customer's wish list. 

First on the list? Audio call! And we have it now. Yes, you can use audio call as a means of communication with your visitors, and you don't just have to rely on chats to resolve your visitor queries anymore.

Benefits that you would gain out of our new Audio call feature,

  • There might be situations in which the issue reported by your visitors would be quite intricate enough that you definitely can't resolve it by just sending out a couple of messages. In such cases, you can call up your visitors and provide them with rapid resolutions in a jiffy.
  • Schedule a meeting by calling up your customers.
  • Helps convey your tone better and also hearing a human being on the other end can be reassuring to most of your visitors, and it might also help in calming down their chaotic situation. 
  • You can also let the visitors to record voice messages and send it to the operators when their calls go unattended.
  • There aren't any restrictions on the number of calls that you make per day!

Take these teeny-tiny factors into consideration when you opt to use our Audio call feature

  • Our Audio call feature is compatible only with the browsers
    • Chrome (Version 23 and above.) 
    • Firefox  (Version 22 and above.)  
    • Opera (Version 18 and above.) 
    • Safari (Version 11 and above.)
  • Visitor must be on a "https:" connection.
  • In order to avail our audio call feature, you will have to make sure that you have embedded our new widget code on your website.
  • All those who are on Enterprise, Professional, Zoho One and CRM Plus plan can avail this feature.

Shall we now watch a quick video on how you can use this feature? Here we go,

Heads up:

  • You cannot transfer an ongoing audio call.
  • Operators can pick and answer only one call at a time.
  • An ongoing call will be disconnected if you reload your Zoho SalesIQ page.
  • If you choose to end a chat session and if there exist an ongoing call associated with the session it will be disconnected as well.
  • You can invite another operator to a chat when you are on an ongoing call. The invited operator will then be a part of the chat but not the call.

Intrigued? Want to know how to set this up in your portal? Check out our help guide.

Until next time, fond regards,

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