Datacenter Migration in Zoho Docs

Datacenter Migration in Zoho Docs

Zoho Datacenters are available in these regions:

  • US
  • Europe
  • India
  • Australia
  • China

Read Know your datacenter for more details.

When you migrate your Zoho account from one datacenter to another (for example, from the US to EU), all of your Zoho services including Docs, will be migrated. Before you migrate your Zoho account, you should know the limitations in each service.

Below, you can learn the migration process, understand what's migrated, what's not migrated, and other essential details regarding Zoho Docs.

Migration process

  • The Super Admin or an Admin of the Docs account must send an email to with the preferred datacenter details.
  • Once we have the requirements, we will ask you for your preferred date for migration.
  • Our migration team will initiate your migration on the preferred date.
  • Once all your data is migrated, we will ask you to check and confirm that everything has been migrated successfully.
  • If there are any failures in the migration, you can report to us, and we will try to migrate them again.


  • The Super Admin or an Admin who initiates the migration will be our point of contact for all migration-related activities and issues.
  • During migration, any changes made in the source datacenter (for example, the US) will not be migrated to the destination datacenter (for example, Europe).
  • To migrate data, a new mirror account will be created temporarily in the destination datacenter. Once all the data is migrated, accounts will be swapped.

What's migrated

All active Workspace will be migrated.

Workspace Members
All active and suspended Workspace members will be migrated.

Folders and Files
All active and trashed files and folders will be migrated.

The top version and its content will be migrated.

All sharing details will be migrated. We will generate new published links, so the old published links will not work after migration.

All migrated data re-indexed in search.

All files and folders favourite data will be migrated. If a user has marked a shared file or folder as favorite, it will not be migrated.

What's not migrated

  • Comments
  • Tags
  • Tasks 
  • Check in/out status
  • Activities
  • Access stats
  • Settings
  • Password Policies
  • Brand logo

Limitation in Zoho Writer files 
The following data from Zoho Writer files will not be migrated in Datacenter migration:
  • Engagement Insights
  • Ignored words
  • Schedules Mail Merge/Sign/Fillable jobs
  • Document Thumbnails

Limitations in Zoho Sheet files 
The following data from Zoho Sheet files will not be migrated in Datacenter migration:
  • Audit trail
  • @mentions in comments
  • Custom functions
  • Linked spreadsheet
  • Linked external data
  • Chat history
  • Zapier/Zoho Flow integrations

Important things to know

Licensing & Storage add-on
The accounts will be downgraded from the source datacenter and upgraded in the destination datacenter.

Mobiles apps
The previous mobile app logins will be invalidated. Customers should re-login with the mobile app to access or import data.

Desktop sync
The previous desktop agent logins will be invalidated. Customers should re-login with the Sync app to access or import data.

Please contact if you have any questions about the Docs limitations for datacenter migration.

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