[Early Access] Voice of the Customer (VoC) for Zoho CRM

[Early Access] Voice of the Customer (VoC) for Zoho CRM

Happy new year, everyone!
We have an exciting addition to our suite of features and would like to introduce you to VoC (Voice of the Customer) for Zoho CRM, powered by Zia.
2023 is definitely the best time to be a customer with rapid innovations and advancements in the field of CX. Brands these days lose customers within minutes if they refuse to pay attention to what they're saying. The right VoC tool can help you stay on top of your CX game!
VoC for Zoho CRM offers insights into your customers' needs and sentiments which can translate into effective problem redressal, better planning and increased revenue.It also provides context from your CRM data and helps you get a clear picture of what your customers feel or expect from the product/service. While the end goal of VoC may look like just running customer satisfaction polls, it's not merely the act of putting out these surveys. Launching and carrying out customer satisfaction polls won't help a business truly understand their customers. The end goal of VoC is much deeper— it is about listening to your customers and valuing their thoughts, and using these insights for your business to thrive.

Use case
For example, an electronics store that sells laptops and mobiles also provides servicing of these products. The customer and product details are stored in CRM. They regularly send out surveys to gather customer feedback on the products and services. Additionally, they have a separate customer support team to help resolve challenges with products. The company notices a drop in their revenue in spite of the offers and discounts they've rolled out. Manually studying customer purchase patterns and collating feedback from multiple communication channels will cost a business valuable time that can be invested to develop the business further. The answer to this problem lies in automating such processes with better visualization of data within a centralized platform. VoC for Zoho CRM aims to digest customer information and make these results available for users in a single place to grasp information quickly and make goal-oriented as well as contextually-rich modifications to business plans and processes. 

How to use VoC?
VoC for Zoho CRM can be activated under "Zia", located on the settings page within CRM.
Once you click the 'Get Started' button, the activation page opens. Click 'Activate'.

VoC for Zoho CRM is trained to conduct sentiment and intent analysis, keyword extraction, emotion & root cause analysis, customer trend analysis and predictions. It presents several accurate dashboards within your CRM account that showcase customer opinions on your business, competitor activity and sentiment, as well as the customer emotion behind emails, surveys and customer feedback.
Let us take a look at different dashboards that can help the management identify the root cause of inconsistencies in results and chalk out next steps to resolve them quickly. 
The Sentiment-based Profile Analysis
The Sentiment Dial Analysis chart provides you with an overall picture of the customer sentiment shared across multiple communication channels such as surveys, emails, and customer ratings.

The dial chart shows that the overall sentiment expressed by the customers is on the negative end. This analysis incorporates the feedback from Desk, Survey and CRM emails. With a conservative approach that doesn't incorporate  VoC, this requires a separate team to gather the feedback, digest it and incorporate it into business activities. 
Even though this dial chart gives you a fair idea of the customers' views, the management needs more clarity on where the problem lies to increase customer satisfaction.
The frequently occurring keywords by sentiment narrow down the customer views expressed.

In the image above, the words in green have been used in a positive connotation by the customers. We can infer that customers are happy with the service, hospitality and price list. Whereas, delivery, policy and safety haven't been our strongholds. Therefore, we can now focus on improving our delivery, safety and privacy policies.
A drill down of the number of customers and channels from where their feedback has been gathered can also be viewed a table.

VoC for Zoho CRM helps you derive powerful insights on customer opinions and sentiment by processing data in minutes from several communication channels without burdening your team.

Response-based sentiment analysis
VoC for Zoho CRM captures the underlying emotion and intent behind customer responses and categorizes them by sentiment, intent, medium and revenue based on a particular timeframe.

This chart paints an overall picture of the positive, neutral, and negative feedback count based on the responses gathered via surveys and customer rating.
The Sentiment Cohort chart, a variation of the above, showcases the customer feedback with respect to the timeframe.

There are a few more dashboards that VoC offers to extract insights from - Competitor analysis, Cross-sell Analytics and Survey comparison.
Competitor Analysis
Staying on par with our competitors is an important aspect of customer satisfaction and retention. VoC helps in this regard by offering prominent insights. If the deal closure rate has come down after the mention of the competitor, we can focus on our offerings against our competitors'.

Cross-sell Analytics
Cross-sell Analytics in VoC is designed to measure the effectiveness of cross-selling efforts. Zia studies the feedback after a cross-sell initiative is made and whether it is positive or negative. Depending on the feedback collected, it predicts the right product/service.

Survey comparison
These dashboards come in handy when you want to evaluate your marketing efforts. If the customer feedback for an email offer is positive, you can plan your marketing strategies based on it. You can also improve your product/services based on survey responses.

Listed below are the different charts that VoC supports -
1. Pie chart and donut chart
2. Line graph
3. Bar graph—single, multi, stacked
4. Cohort
5. Quadrant
6. Waterfall
7. Gauge chart/ Dial chart
8. Anomaly dashboards
9. Word-cloud and Table
Please click here to watch a video about  VoC for Zoho CRM to gain a deeper understanding of the feature.
  1. VoC insights are available for surveys, customer rating and emails, using Zoho Survey, Zoho Desk and Email integration (IMAP) respectively.
  2. Zia Competitor Alert should be configured for the competitor analysis dashboard. Additionally, Zia Recommendation needs to be configured for the cross-sell analytics dashboard.
  3. All insights are a result of processing historical data. Collection of relevant data will be initiated upon activation of VoC and we will be processing this data over a period  of three months.
  4. Currently only admin profile users can view the VoC tab.
VoC will be available for Zoho CRM to begin with. This will be a priced offering. The final pricing and editions supported will be announced during the time of public release.
What's in the roadmap
a) Option to customize  dashboards and charts
b) Identify our vanishing customers and declining products
c) Evaluating strategies to attain a target
d) Feedback Summaries, and much more.
Please click here to get early access to VoC for Zoho CRM. We would love to hear your feedback and can't wait for you all to try this.
Early Access for customers: The Early Access to VoC is provided only for organizations with a license count greater than or equal to 20.

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                                            • [Early Access] Voice of the Customer (VoC) for Zoho CRM

                                              Happy new year, everyone! We have an exciting addition to our suite of features and would like to introduce you to VoC (Voice of the Customer) for Zoho CRM, powered by Zia. 2023 is definitely the best time to be a customer with rapid innovations and advancements
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                                              Dear All, We hope you're well! It's been almost a year since we opened Zoho CRM's Voice of the Customer solution up for early access. We are grateful for the reception and support you have been showing us with regards to its adoption and feedback. Since

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