Effortlessly implement and manage SalesIQ for your business with Brands!

Effortlessly implement and manage SalesIQ for your business with Brands!

Brands! Previously known as Websites, is the new smarter way to manage your business by categorizing multiple brands (websites) inside your SalesIQ portal to provide versatile support and engagement. An organization that runs multiple brands (websites) might have to use more than one SalesIQ live chat code for each website to distinguish the visitors and approach them accordingly. Using the same code for multiple websites with different functions or sectors might make it difficult for visitors to reach the right operators and get adequate support in a short time. Brands allow you to categorize these websites and have unique configurations for each brand based on your preference.

Brands help you manage all your installation and configurations in one place and help you reflect your business on your website/app using SalesIQ. Assist visitors better and drive sales using brand configurations based on your preference. It can be used to set configurations unique to your brand that does not come under the Global settings.

Sections in brands:

  • Installation - This section holds all the codes you can use to install SalesIQ on your Website, Mobile Apps, and Email signatures. 
  • Personalization - Pick your desired chat widget type and customize the widget appearance to blend with your brand. 
  • Flow controls - Set up your form style to get visitor details (Ex: Name, Email, Address, etc.) before they initiate a chat, configure chat window settings, and enable profanity management.
  • Configuration - Enable/disable features of SalesIQ for your brand and make your brand GDPR compliant by enabling the GDPR settings. 

How can it help you?

  • You can have all your business operations categorized and segmented for easy and clutter-free support.
  • Customize the appearance of the chat widget to blend with your business theme.
  • Manage the features of SalesIQ by enabling or disabling them just for your brand based on your requirements.
  • Make your brand GDPR compliant using the privacy settings.
  • Set business hours for your brand.
  • Set up chat signature for your email.
  • Add powerful visitor engagement tools to your mobile application with our SDK!

Quick Tips:

  • Brands can be further categorized using departments. Assign multiple departments to a brand to keep the resources organized.
  • Enable business hours for your brand to notify visitors about the operating hours. 


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