Enhanced Gantt Charts in Zoho Projects

Enhanced Gantt Charts in Zoho Projects

A Gantt chart is a visual representation of your project's schedule. Here are some enhancements to the Gantt chart to measure your project's performance.

Create custom views of the Gantt chart

Users can now create customized views of the Gantt chart based on their frequently used criteria.
For instance, If John wants to view all the strict projects to ensure on-time completion, he can select Strict projects from the default fields and filter the available projects. This filter can be saved as a custom view. The custom view can be shared with other users.

Schedule dateless tasks within the Gantt chart

The unscheduled tasks can now be identified and scheduled within the Gantt chart. Users can scroll directly to the unscheduled tasks and add start and due dates.
If John wants to schedule a task on a specific date, he can scroll to that exact day and click to schedule the unscheduled task.

View additional details of the task using Show Option

The Show Options drop-down allows users to select additional details such as Dates, Assignee, Task Title, and Overdue tasks and view them on the Gantt chart.

Other enhancements

  • Undo changes - Undo the Task Date, Duration, Start After and Dependency actions.
  • Full Screen - View the Gantt chart in full screen.
  • Max Width - Maximize the Gantt bar and rescale the chart.
Refer to our help document to learn more about Gantt Charts.

Do let us know if you have any questions! Write a comment below or mail to us at support@zohoprojects.com

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