Enhancements in user field and reporting hierarchy

Enhancements in user field and reporting hierarchy

Dear All, 

Hope you are well!

We have interesting updates like regulating record accessibility for user(s) who got record access via user fields and implementing the usability of "reporting to" field in multiple places in CRM.
Let's get started!

Regulate Record Accessibility

In Zoho CRM, we allow user(s) other than record owners, to associate with a record using the user fields, to enhance collaboration, monitoring, auditing, etc. 
This addition of user(s) inherently shares the ownership privileges with them, allowing them to access and modify the records.

What's the update?
In case you do not want the user(s) to access or modify the records, you can regulate their record accessibility.

For example, to a real estate listing, an admin can add the architect's contact as a user field without record accessibility. If the customer has more doubts about the listed house, the agent can quickly reach the architect and get the query clarified without disclosing the customer information.

How to regulate the record accessibility?
In the User field properties, users can disable the Allow record accessibility option based on the business requirement.

If the Allow Record Accessibility option is unchecked, only the name of the user will be listed in the user field. The associated user will not be allowed to view or access the record. 
Important points:
  • By default, the Allow Record Accessibility option will be enabled for both single and multi-user fields. This applies to the existing records as well.
  • You must manually uncheck the option to manage record accessibility.
  • As part of this update, we have increased the total number of user fields that can be added to a layout, from 3 to 5. 

Displaying "Reporting to" field in different places in Zoho CRM

If the hierarchy preference of the organization is set as reporting hierarchy then a field called "Reporting To" will be automatically available in various places in CRM where the user module fields are listed such as reports, criteria, filter, merge fields, etc. The reporting manager can be selected in those fields.

In case, the orgs' hierarchy is changed to role hierarchy, the "reporting to" field will be retained in the places it is used. While switching, a popup will be displayed listing the places where the field is used, the admin can choose to retain the field in those places or remove it individually from each places.

These updates have been released for all users in all DCs.

For more information, refer to our help doc, below.
Thanks and Have a good one!

Kind Regards, 
Saranya Balasubramanian
      Zoho Marketing Automation
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