Enrich customer support in your mobile app with the ASAP SDK

Enrich customer support in your mobile app with the ASAP SDK

Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have enhanced our ASAP SDK for mobile applications with new UI and additional functionalities.

Many of you have already had the opportunity to use our ASAP add-on for your web applications.

If you're new to ASAP, here's a quick introduction.

ASAP is a proactive self-service platform that provides a wide variety of help center services to customers.   

The ASAP add-on for web applications:

The ASAP add-on can be integrated with your website to make the help center available within your application. You can deliver the following help center services to your customers:
  • Customer support team (to raise tickets)
  • Knowledge Base (to access help articles)
  • User Community (to interact with other customers)
  • AI-powered virtual assistant (Zia and Guided Conversations)
With the ASAP add-on, your customers receive instant support without leaving your website. They simply need to choose the help center service that best suits their needs.

The growing need for customer service for mobile applications:

Mobile apps are becoming more popular than websites, as websites cannot offer the same number of features as apps. Now, businesses are adopting mobile apps to increase their customer bases faster and provide a range of services suited to the distinctive features of mobile devices. By offering top-notch customer service in these apps, businesses can create enduring customer relationships.

Why ASAP SDK for a mobile application?

We have developed the ASAP SDK for mobile applications to streamline the customer service experience by helping you provide immediate assistance to your customers.

How does the ASAP SDK benefit customer support in a mobile application?

You can provide all the help center services to your customers from within the application and eliminate the need to switch between multiple windows. This means you can offer your customers a choice of service mode to find a resolution at the initial point of contact.
What features does the ASAP SDK provide to boost customer service?

Help center services as widgets:
You can display the below help center services as widgets
  • Knowledge Base:
                  Archive frequently asked questions as KB articles for future reference.
                  Customers can use the KB to resolve issues on their own, and take advantage of:
                  1. Access to KB articles in multiple languages.
                  2. Guidance to a specific article or section.
                  3. KB widgets for recent and popular articles.
  • Community:
Encourage customers to post their ideas and opinions and interact with the User Community. Display the most popular  and most-discussed topics as widgets in the Community module. Make it possible to follow/unfollow topics and filter  them in the User Community. 
  • Submit Tickets:
Customers can create a support ticket and track its progress from within the app. You can alert customers through Push Notifications when a ticket is updated with comments or responses.
  • Chat with bot:
The discussion platform is driven by AI to deliver prompt assistance without human intervention. This often eliminates the need for phone and email conversations and reduces support tickets without compromising the quality of customer service.  
                  Customers can engage with the below AI technologies: 
1. Zia: a support assistant that retrieves help articles based on keywords.
2. Guided Conversations: a bot that directs customers to appropriate solutions according to their responses during conversations.
  • Chat with Agent: 
                  Customers can use this service to interact with your live agents. 

Contextual Support:
The ASAP SDK allows you to embed your preferred customer service channels in your application, while excluding the rest.

How does ASAP SDK's contextual support help your business?
  • Incorporate FAQs as articles in your Knowledge Base. You can choose to show only the Knowledge Base in your application.
  • Show only the User Community in your app to encourage customers to exchange ideas and participate in discussions.
  • Direct customers to the appropriate department to raise tickets if you want them to submit a ticket connected to a specific department.
  • Embed only the Chat Window in your application, if you want to guide your customers through conversation. 
New enhancements to the ASAP SDK:
We are excited to announce that we have enhanced the ASAP SDK with a new UI and additional functionalities.

Check out the enhancements below:
  • Customize your home screen.
  • Create the best first impression with a greeting message.
  • Display your Recent and Popular articles as widgets in the KB.
  • Follow/unfollow and filter options in the User Community.
  • Present various widgets, like the Most Popular and Most Discussed topics in the Community module.
  • Raise a ticket effortlessly with multi-layout options and the Ticket Properties screen.
  • Add secondary contacts and attachments to tickets.
  • Filter tickets based on status, department, and accounts.
  • Filter topics based on status and tags.

Authentication to ensure security:

The ASAP SDK prioritizes security and helps you differentiate authenticated users from visitors.
Anonymous (guest) users: Anonymous users are people who visit your page and exit without signing up. They can access your help articles, submit tickets, view posts in the User Community, and chat with your support agents. They are restricted from performing certain actions, such as editing or closing support tickets and interacting with the User Community.

JWT (registered) users: With the ASAP SDK, you can give extra privileges to customers who sign up for your application. These customers can perform all actions, including editing or closing support tickets and posting in the User Community, without restrictions. To verify the user's identity, we use the JWT authentication method.
Note: Every data transmission, during backup and in transit, is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocols. We encrypt your data, employing AES CBC/AES GCM 256-bit/128-bit keys, to secure it from unauthorized access.
What to expect in the coming months:

We have good news!

You will soon be able to experience a brand new ASAP SDK configuration with additional functionalities, which works with both web and mobile applications.

We encourage you to embed ASAP into your mobile applications and share your feedback. You can contact us at support@zohodesk.com with your suggestions and thoughts.

To explore the features in detail, please refer to our help documents: Android, iOS 

Benazir Fathima R

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