Expanded data-capturing capabilities with enhanced tabular sections

Expanded data-capturing capabilities with enhanced tabular sections

We are thrilled to announce an update to Zoho Recruit that brings even more flexibility and customization to your recruiting process. With the addition of 10 new field types to the tabular sections, you now have the power to enhance your tabular sections such as Education Details, Experience Details, and other custom tabular sections.

What is the update about?

We've expanded the number of fields supported for Tabular Groups, empowering you with an array of options to capture and organize data efficiently. The newly introduced field types include Email, Phone, Date-Time, Number, Currency, Decimal, Percent, Long Integer, URL, and Lookup.

How does this change benefit recruiters?

Streamlined communication

The addition of the email and phone fields allows you to effortlessly store and access contact information within the tabular sections. For instance, during the evaluation process, candidates may have multiple references cited for their professional experience. You can use the email and phone fields to capture and store this information under the Experience Details section. This lets you easily verify and validate references, making the evaluation process smoother.

Enhanced data precision

With the inclusion of the number, currency, decimal, and percent fields, you can capture and analyze numerical data more effectively. For instance, in Experience Details, you can record specific metrics such as the revenue they brought in at the company, the percentage of company growth they contributed to, or project budgets, enabling you to evaluate their achievements accurately.

Comprehensive time management

The date-time field type enables you to track important time-sensitive information in tabular sections. Whether it's noting the expiration date of a candidate's certifications, the start and end dates of their projects, or their training completion dates in the custom tabular sections, you can easily monitor and stay updated on time-related aspects of a candidate's profile.

Improved data organization

The lookup field type facilitates better organization and categorization of information within tabular sections. For example, you can store additional candidate information in a separate module and add it as a lookup in a custom tabular section instead of cluttering your candidate detail page with too much information. In this way, you can make the information accessible without crowding the candidate details page with new fields.

Richer contextual Insights

The URL field type allows you to include website links relevant to a candidate's profile. This can be immensely helpful when reviewing portfolios, GitHub repositories, LinkedIn profiles, or personal websites. By incorporating URLs within Experience Details or custom tabular sections, you can gain deeper insights into a candidate's skills, accomplishments, and professional online presence.

By harnessing these newly added field types in Zoho Recruit's tabular sections, you can elevate your hiring process to new heights. You'll experience improved efficiency, data accuracy, and a more organized workflow, leading to better-informed decisions and successful hires. Refer to our help article on creating tabular sections for more details.

Questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment below or reach out to our customer support team at support@zohorecruit.com.

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