Export fields and field sequence

Export fields and field sequence

I created an export of multiple sprints but the extract file does not have a column for sprint name, it only has sprint type (active, future).  My colleague also created an extract but theirs also included a column for the sprint name.  The columns were also in  a different order.  We can't see what we are doing differently to get different results.  Any ideas?
Next, is it possible to export past, active and future sprint contents all together in one export file so that the process can be done in a single step?
Thank you

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                    • Bug Viewer for Zoho Sprints

                      Project managers work on multiple sprints simultaneously, and given the potential for a number of bugs that can crop up, it is helpful if the bugs can be viewed in a single location. This is made possible by the Bug Viewer for Zoho Sprints extension.

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